Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Kinda REALLY Loving Ben These Days....

I started to write a re-cap of last nights episode.. I pulled pictures from the internet.. looked up books and bits of info I wasn't sure about... and then my cell phone made the "Chewbacca" sound (which is what it does when a text message comes through) I stopped what I was doing.

It was nothing more than a facebook notification... but it was from someone I like a lot.. so I closed the screen I was on and went to facebook. On the "home" page there were a bunch of statuses that were talking about Corey Haim... so I went to the one website I love for random news and odd snipets ( to see what all the fuss was about....and the first post I noticed was this one. So I went back and deleted everything I had written and am just giving you the link to it... there is NOTHING I could have written that would have differed from this re-cap... so...

 aside from "cheese curds"... and "are you a cyborg"... w/out further ado... click this link here and leave any comments you like here on the blog, I'll be checking it regularly. Seriously, every damn thing I took note of last night was mentioned in this piece... so... what the hell, they already wrote it and added the pictures! I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy not making my fingers hurt more than they already do. (BTW, I skipped last week because my 'puter's hard drive fried, for real... FRIED... so... I'm on a new one now... and I LOVE IT!)


PS. Hope you don't think I was making fun of the death of Corey Haim... it is sad. He and I are the exact same age... that is freaky to me. RIP dude.