Guilt By Association

In the fall of 1988, when I was 16, just before my sophomore year of high school was about to begin, my parents sent me to reform school. The school was called The DeSisto School, in West Stockbridge, MA. It was NOT a good place. It was, and for many still is, the catalyst to horrific memories and terrifying nightmares. There are some people/former students, from various eras that actually have more good than bad things to say about the place, but let me tell you ... that's VERY rare (& usually it's someone that was there in the late 70's/early 80's.) I just don't think I could sum the place up in one blog post... so I won't even try. This'll be a series ... and when I am done, I believe it will all finally be purged from my psyche, at least any residual anger and frustration will. I said "goodbye" to all the bad memories in 2003, but once in a while they manage to creep back in ... I need a better lock, you know? Hopefully getting all this out will be the deadbolt on that part of my past.

Part 1

Part 2