An American Girlfriend In London: Parts 1 to 13

From the start of November 2010 to the first week of February 2011 I was living with my (now very ex)boyfriend at his place in London. (Hackney/Clapton to be exact) These series of posts are what I had to say about it.

Pt 1
Pt 2: Maybe I Am Lucky After All
Pt 3: WTF-UK
Pt 4: What A Riot
Pt 5: Excuse You
Pt 6: The New London Eye?
Pt 7: Christmas 2010
Pt 8: It Ain't Brigadoon, It's Better
Pt 9: My Heart's In The Highlands
Pt 10: I Know How To French Kiss, Does That Count?
Pt 11: Il Était Comme Un Rêve
Pt 12: Gone Fishin'
Pt 13: Just Because I Can