Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Say "NO!" To Turkey!

The way we normally celebrate Thanksgiving in this house has apparently had a big ol' honkin' wrench thrown in the plans...

Colin decided to tell me that he was hoping we (& by "we" he means ME, since that guy can't cook anything that doesn't say "heat on high for 3 minutes" and have a Cumberland Farms label on it) could go more traditional for Thanksgiving... which means he tried to convince me to cook a turkey (which I don't like), make stuffing (which I don't eat), cranberry sauce (which I won't eat), and then went off on a drunken tangent about side dishes he'd like to have. I told him I wasn't a fan of turkey, I refused to cook one, and the best he'll get out of me is some chicken I'll throw in a crockpot. Pretty sure he accepted it since he really didn't have any other choice in the matter.

This year however, if/when asked what I am thankful for.... I will have a big long list. At the top of it will still be my Thanksgiving LAST year. A Thanksgiving I spent in a country that doesn't even celebrate that holiday (& understandably so, since we did kinda give them the big ol' "Peace out! Chumps!"... then came here to America to steal this country...)

I will also be thankful for :

my job

my kick ass new faux fur throw on my bed (even if it sheds on me like a cat in late spring),

the killer boots I just scored that are actually tall enough for my long ass stems (even if they put me at 6'2)

the dress I fell in love with in blue, and found in orange (♥) too (even if the majority of people hate orange, I LOVE it)...

the new(to me) car I just got (& will be obsessed with for quite a while),

and the fact that I am finally able to stop sneering at my reflection in the mirror most days... trust me, that's a big one.... I figure I'm less than 2 months from 40 (*gasp!* I know!)
11/11/11... no make up, no nothin'... early morning taking the beast out for her morning... well.. you know... :)

... so I had better just suck it up and accept things as they are, and If I can do that, and other people can not? Um... fuck them! I'm (almost) 40! I'm fun! & I still get carded... and I will always find wearing devil horns to be funny.....


  1. Ohhh that is SUCH a pretty dress. I'm jelly.

  2. I'm glad to see that you bought your dream car :) Yaaaay for the new car :) And those boots looks awesome.

  3. There's NO WAY you're near 40.
    Get Colin a gift certificate to Hometown Buffet or Denny's if he insists on eating all the things you don't enjoy.
    And does your job entail you riding a motorcycle?

  4. Gia- thank you, and yeah, I'm bananas for that dress :)

    Starlight- now if only the weather would hold steady long enough to wear those boots!

    Pickelope- yup.. .January 1972 was when I was born. ... and we don't have anything like a Dennys/Hometown Buffet here on the island (Martha's Vineyard), the only restaurants here are over priced and honestly not that great.
    oh.. & yes... I manage a motorcycle shop. THAT bike, however, belongs to a customer that is a friend of mine. I wouldn't ever be nutty enough to try to ride a Road King of that size, with apes like that... and in flip flops :)

  5. Welcome (soon-ish) to my decade, yo!

    Oh, and I found a turkey (hella expensive) at Waitrose, so we'll be having chicken instead, if anything at all for T-day.


  6. I refuse to eat that cranberry crap either.

    And that car is AMAZING.

  7. Bea- No sales at Sainsburys, eh? :) (they always had the best sale shelves!)
    The oven where I was living had all the #'s rubbed off... save 2 of them... and they were in Celsius ... so unless something needs to be baked at 350˚F (179˚C)... I'm clueless! Have a Happy Turkey Day Bea! ♥

  8. Miss Sassy Pants- HA!! LOVE that name! Thank you, I am just nuts over that car... and yes, cranberry sauce, unless made from scratch, is downright vile!

  9. Im having occasional moments of just saying NO to the turkey. But I can't. I must do eeeet! ps..I love those boots and OMG that dress. Good luck with your Thanksgiving, I hope its awesome! :)

  10. Doria-
    I just don't like turkey... that makes it easier for me I guess :)

    Looks like I'm gonna have to pair those boots and that dress together, eh?... now I just need a reason/occasion... here's hoping I find one before 2012!

  11. To me, it's about the turkey gravy! I eat all of things smothered in turkey gravy. The photos are all great. I especially love the old jeep! Great photos of yourself as well...

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