Friday, October 15, 2010

What The....

Look, I get it... when magazines put someone on the cover they are going to want the best picture. They will photoshop it. I photoshop pictures all the time... but I do it to remove a zit on someone's face, or enhance the color if the lighting was off. I do NOT try to make someone look thinner/fatter/taller/shorter or like something they are not. There is a HUGE difference between bringing out the best in a picture and totally distorting reality.

Case in point:

I am so happy my housemate has a subscription to this magazine, because I intend to rip the cover off and save it with that infamous picture of Cindy Crawford in 1998 when ELLE magazine photoshoped out her bellybutton. What they hell are these people thinking? No wonder women (and some men) have such poor body images! Apparently we are expected to not have vital organs, limbs, birthmarks, stretchmarks....or any kind of proof of life really.


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