Monday, October 4, 2010

I Think I Need To Move

I'm totally moving here..... and I am going to start writing REAL letters... so everyone can enjoy my return address... and when they write back, they can enjoy writing the address and laughing. 
Seriously, this might be the best Wikipedia entry EVER. 
Basically anything that brings out my inner 8 year old is awesome. Hell, I still crack up when someone types 8008 into a calculator ('cause it looks like the word BOOB)......,_Austria

Quote from the page that just about had me spittin' my morning tea: "In November 2008 the village hosted the Festival of the Fuck Bands music festival, which featured bands Fucked Up, Holy Fuck, Fuck and Fuck Buttons."
(Fuck Buttons?...... BEST. BAND. NAME. EVER!!! )


  1. That would be great... you know, since you're the only one I will go there with.