Sunday, October 17, 2010

Does Anyone Else Understand Us?

Colin, as most of you know, has been my housemate for YEARS... and here is the perfect example of why:

this conversation began as he walked in the door from work:

Me: dude, the stove top shit the bed.
Colin: (looks around) which one?
Me: uh... (points at sofa) that one.
Colin: huh? 
Me: the one your standing next to, goober.
Colin: oh, I was all worried you meant stuffing.
Me: when have I ever made you stuffing?
Colin: 4 Novembers back when Tyler was here.
Me: right, no... good memory though, but no. It smoked then flames shot out of it. Call me crazy, but electric ranges aren't supposed to do that right?
Colin: nope
Me: please tell Santa I need a new one
Colin: this Santa can't afford it.
Me: (looking at prices on line) Ohhh! I found one, only $7000 and change.
Colin: Oh, yeah, I got that, no problem
Me: pocket change, totally
Colin: totally
Me: If I had a space twice as big, 15' ceilings, and about 100,000 extra dollars, I'd put in an amazing chandelier, a huge hanging pot rack... and get a Viking.
Colin: you'll need a big ass range hood for a Viking
Me: no, I mean a real viking, like with a cool helmet and stuff
Colin: oh, right.. ok... what's he gonna do?
Me: make us oatmeal.
Colin: obviously.
(again... this is why we have lived together for 8+ years...we "get" each other. )
This would be my favorite picture EVER of Colin & I... 'cause I look shitfaced, and he looks all protective.... when in actuality, that night I was dead sober (and the DD for the night- I almost always am) and he was downright pickled... see what happens in a literal blink of an eye? (which is why I look plastered, I blinked right as someone took our picture) I also love the fact that he's wearing a tux and I have on my Great Grandmother's fur shawl... we looked awesome that night! ... I also had a full on black eye from a stupid curtain hanging incident the day before, but I'm quite good with make up :)

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