Monday, July 19, 2010

Bipolar Rain

The sun looked like it was trying to shine today... briefly... then out of nowhere the clouds rolled in.
The sky turned BLACK. It was as if time had jumped ahead 12 hours. It was no longer noon, it was now midnight.
Clouds swirled in the sky as if they were heavy cream in a dark cup of coffee being impatiently stirred around.
(photo taken by my friend Lindsay within the hour)

The ominous thunder was at first an affable rumbling .... but rapidly approached monster in your closet about to attack status in mere minutes....

..... and then the rain came. As one stood by their doors and windows it was impossible to not feel as if this entire island had somehow been magically transported to the Amazon rain forest. The rain beat down like someone was hovering overhead and able to be hurling fistfulls of water in mind boggling rapid succession. One might half expect the leaves on the trees to come out of this with massive bruises.

(another photo taken by Lindsay this afternoon)

Then just as quickly as it arrived... it left.
The storm had passed.. only a mild grumble of thunder in the distance being silenced by the fog horn guiding the ships at sea...the sky is no longer a dark charcoal gray, just a mild sepia tone that makes one wish for covered porches and hammocks...the leaves & grass were shining and the world outside was retaining the scent of a summer rain storm. Nature was practically begging me to take a nap.....

Then nature changed it's mind. The rain came back. The rain is still here... only it's not the loud angry globs of rain it was an hour ago... it's more of a frantic mist in married bliss with your typical summer rainstorm. The thunder has come back as if to say  "...and another thing!" It isn't done with us yet either. 

My big plan of spending the day at the beach with a good book and some sunscreen has now become my day hangin' out in the house and cooking steak. Not too shabby really. (The steak was delicious BTW)

Next up... curl up on the sofa, watch a movie and nibble on that package of Strawberry Twizzlers® I was smart enough to buy at the store yesterday. (I totally have my moments of supreme foresight)