Friday, August 26, 2011


THIS is this afternoon... Friday afternoon.... imagine what Sunday afternoon will look like?! You know, I used to like purple.... right now.... not so much.....
Wish me and my house (and all the overly dangerous trees that hang over my roof- thanks jerky neighbors!) luck.....

Monday, August 22, 2011


Ok... I suck at blogging this summer. I've been workin' my butt off (though, oddly my butt is still very much there :( )... and now here I am popping in to ask you all a favor. You see I've fully given up. Who the hell knew finding shoes to go with a navy blue dress (with pale blue embroidery) would be so damn hard?!
I've got a few options now... as far as dresses for my friend's wedding... and I just can't decide. Soooo, dear blog readers.... I'm leaving it up to you. I'm givin' this 3 days and then I'm caving in and wearing flip flops.
Pick a dress, give me shoe suggestions... keep in mind I've got some big honkin' feet (size 11/size 9 or 9.5 in the UK)), my hair is bright fuchsia, and I have multiple tattoos that are quite visible when wearing a non-ankle length dress, and backless/strapless tops. The jewelry options are fairly never ending as, if you recall, I have more than enough to chose from. So that isn't a problem. Deciding on a dress and finding shoes, however, is a royal pain in my butt. HELP!!! (On the WAAAY upside, I've got a totally hot date for it ;) )

Dress options: (some of these I DO already own)
scored this one on ebay for $5!!!

I kinda love it in the orange-y/tomato color too

I have a killer pair of lime green heels that would look fantastic with this color....
and then there is this one... same as the eggplant/aubergine colored one above... only in a color I'm totally enamoured with since it looks good against my skin....
I can't stop thinkin' bright fuchsia satin heels would be slammin' with this one...
If you have seen any dresses (other than these, duh!) in solid colors, that you think would work with my semi-tan, über freckle-y skin, (and the tattoos)... that aren't too short (I'm 5'11).... PLEASE send me a link.
Like I said, I'm giving this 3 days to decide.... Help me Obi Wan! dear readers, you're my only hope!

PS. Did fall in love with this one:

.....then I saw the models butt in it....:
(Top half is waaay cute though)

PPS. I no longer work for the Fast Ferry!!! The last time I worked... I busted out my kick ass motorcycle helmet in preparation to just rush at them head on....(and THAT was the last time I ever wanted to work there again...)

Monday, August 1, 2011

You Thought Mondays Were Bad?

I work a full time job managing the local motorcycle repair & retail shop in town now... but a few nights a week, and ALL day on Sundays (12+hrs) I work for the fast ferry. The job itself isn't bad, but the ridiculously large amount of morons/jerks/imbeciles that ride it are about to put me over the edge. I have very little tolerance for stupidity.
I finally convinced one of my co-workers that they wanted my shift this Sunday. I didn't even care that I was losing a bunch of money by taking the day off... at this point peace of mind (& not potentially ending up in jail for leaping through a plexiglass window to strangle a New Yorker (I know not ALL NY'ers suck, but the ones that ride here on the boat sure do) is priceless.
About a week back I posted this wee video/rant I made on facebook... and today I decided to share it with the rest of you.
See, I'm a really nice person, and those that know me well, moreover those that I love, know that I will willingly put up with a lot of @#$%^&*.... but sometimes ('cause I'm f'n human) I reach my breaking point... two Sundays back it was reached... and what follows is the aftermath: