Monday, August 22, 2011


Ok... I suck at blogging this summer. I've been workin' my butt off (though, oddly my butt is still very much there :( )... and now here I am popping in to ask you all a favor. You see I've fully given up. Who the hell knew finding shoes to go with a navy blue dress (with pale blue embroidery) would be so damn hard?!
I've got a few options now... as far as dresses for my friend's wedding... and I just can't decide. Soooo, dear blog readers.... I'm leaving it up to you. I'm givin' this 3 days and then I'm caving in and wearing flip flops.
Pick a dress, give me shoe suggestions... keep in mind I've got some big honkin' feet (size 11/size 9 or 9.5 in the UK)), my hair is bright fuchsia, and I have multiple tattoos that are quite visible when wearing a non-ankle length dress, and backless/strapless tops. The jewelry options are fairly never ending as, if you recall, I have more than enough to chose from. So that isn't a problem. Deciding on a dress and finding shoes, however, is a royal pain in my butt. HELP!!! (On the WAAAY upside, I've got a totally hot date for it ;) )

Dress options: (some of these I DO already own)
scored this one on ebay for $5!!!

I kinda love it in the orange-y/tomato color too

I have a killer pair of lime green heels that would look fantastic with this color....
and then there is this one... same as the eggplant/aubergine colored one above... only in a color I'm totally enamoured with since it looks good against my skin....
I can't stop thinkin' bright fuchsia satin heels would be slammin' with this one...
If you have seen any dresses (other than these, duh!) in solid colors, that you think would work with my semi-tan, über freckle-y skin, (and the tattoos)... that aren't too short (I'm 5'11).... PLEASE send me a link.
Like I said, I'm giving this 3 days to decide.... Help me Obi Wan! dear readers, you're my only hope!

PS. Did fall in love with this one:

.....then I saw the models butt in it....:
(Top half is waaay cute though)

PPS. I no longer work for the Fast Ferry!!! The last time I worked... I busted out my kick ass motorcycle helmet in preparation to just rush at them head on....(and THAT was the last time I ever wanted to work there again...)


  1. I LOVE the green one (I also like the violet one but green is my favourite colour...), and I agree that fuchsia satin heels would be awesome with it (in this case you would also need a purse in the same colour in my opinion).

    Let us know what you'll decide to go with, and photos please :)

  2. The picture of you in the helmet is kick-ass!!

    I'm with Starlight, the green dress is gorgeous. -fuchsia, eggplant, or even some strappy, slick and shiny beige heels could go well.

    Ooh, I just had thought: what about groovy orange-colored heels with the green dress? Bare in mind that I don't have a total clue about dresses and the like as I'm rarely wearing those sorts of things, but I think I might know what looks good. ME<---Peppermint Patty sensibilities.

    If I had an extra $200. lying around, then I'd buy the Vivienne Westwood by Melissa heels found on this page:

  3. GG
    The blue one is perfect - for a church picnic, so NO

    The fuchsia/eggplant - is perfect, look no further, wear your Bam-Bam beads with it, and you'll look so hot that no one will notice even if you wear smelly building site boots with it. End OF

  4. Sorry I haven't been by much! My bad--Love the first Orange Dress, and just wear friggin Orangey Flip Flops!!! Dressy ones of course!!!



  5. Gah Im terrible at finding things to wear to weddings, but Im totally digging that purple dress with those green heels or that green dress with purple heels. AWESOME! <3 Good luck!

  6. i'm with sbw on this one. rock the purple/fuchsia dress! i <3 the green heels too. bright yellow or orange shoes would also pair well. then again, i'm totally biased. purple dominates my wardrobe. (now off to find me some sexy green pumps...)

  7. hey all.... sorry... I'm being lame again. Not only has my time been totally consumed with work, but now we've got a lil' gift from Mother Nature headed our way. Hard & fast.
    So.... I've narrowed it down (if you can even call it that) to a toss up between the green dress and the purple dress.... I'm just waitin' on the shoes to arrive so I can try it ALL on. You know, dress, shoes, jewelry, purse, wrap.... (the fact that I keep putting stuff together via screen shots and photoshop is just NOT helping these days....)
    Thank you for your input, so very much appreciated ♥