Monday, August 1, 2011

You Thought Mondays Were Bad?

I work a full time job managing the local motorcycle repair & retail shop in town now... but a few nights a week, and ALL day on Sundays (12+hrs) I work for the fast ferry. The job itself isn't bad, but the ridiculously large amount of morons/jerks/imbeciles that ride it are about to put me over the edge. I have very little tolerance for stupidity.
I finally convinced one of my co-workers that they wanted my shift this Sunday. I didn't even care that I was losing a bunch of money by taking the day off... at this point peace of mind (& not potentially ending up in jail for leaping through a plexiglass window to strangle a New Yorker (I know not ALL NY'ers suck, but the ones that ride here on the boat sure do) is priceless.
About a week back I posted this wee video/rant I made on facebook... and today I decided to share it with the rest of you.
See, I'm a really nice person, and those that know me well, moreover those that I love, know that I will willingly put up with a lot of @#$%^&*.... but sometimes ('cause I'm f'n human) I reach my breaking point... two Sundays back it was reached... and what follows is the aftermath:


    First of all, your voice is beautiful and I love it.
    Second of all I just played that, and I am at work, and we have a new guy in here that we're 'orientating.'
    Third of all, I just fucking LOLOLOLOLed.
    <3 I needed the laugh. Thank you. I hope that it was a little cathartic :-)

  2. Cake Betch- So, so, so, so grateful I didn't work yesterday! ... and happy you enjoyed my rant ♥

  3. Um, Gillian? Do you work for the Fast Ferry to New Bedford?

    The chick who called you a bitch twice should've been escorted to the nearest pier and dropped off of it.

    I'm with Cake Betch, you have a lovely voice.

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  4. Bea- thanks :)
    Yeah, the girl was awful. I understood that she was frustrated, and the fact that I maintained calmness while she repeatedly asked me "well what the hell am I supposed to do?!" and managed to refrain from saying "learn to read?" or "you could start with GOING AWAY" is nothing short of a miracle.
    When she first arrived, at 4:30p it went like this:
    Irate Chick: where does the 4:45 boat to NY leave from?
    Me: Um... Never Never Land.
    Irate Chick: huh?
    Me: yeah, the boat left on schedule, as always, at 4pm.
    Irate Chick: That's bullshit! The schedule says it leaves at 4:45
    Me: No, actually it says it leaves at 4pm. It leaves NEW YORK at 4:45.
    *this is where she utters "bitch" as she looks right at me. Which is totally understandable, since I am CLEARLY the person that never taught her to read.....*

  5. I agree with you. And Cake Betch- you have a wonderful voice! As someone who's largely worked in customer service... I feel you, honey. I feel you. :D Don't let them mess with your mental health!

    (just because I think this will make you laugh:
    wv: balitate. Def: to grow a pair.) :D

  6. Maggie- thank you ♥
    So... do I have this right? Next Sunday it can go like this?
    Irate Moron: Well what am I supposed to do?!
    Me: Balitate.

  7. Oh man! I'm very sorry you have to go through that crap so much, but your rant was fantastic and even made me feel better! Great one...
    Hang in there...

  8. LOL so I just came and listened to this again and I want to do the illustrations for it. Not actual animations, just illustrations to go along with it.

  9. Cake Betch- funny you should say that... since PART TWO is bound to be created after the 12 hr shift this Sunday... and I was thinkin' of trying to find photos that would help illustrate it all.... maybe I should just send you the voice over of my next rant, haha!