Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm so puttin' purple in next....

A friend of mine, Seniel, works for a salon called "Circuit Style" here on the island in Oak Bluffs, and not only is it a pretty great salon... honestly I think it's the best this island has ever had... but it might be the one place on this island where one doesn't feel like they are stuck on an island, and Seniel is FANTASTIC. Seriously, she first cut my hair, in my living room with crappy scissors and bad lighting (an A LOT of laughs) back in December 2008. I gotta tell you, it was the best hair cut I had EVER had. For real. Now she not only has a professional license, but she's the only one I'll let touch my hair. Clearly she's doing something right if my hair looks so good that they used ME (really, me?) in the ad on their website as an example of their awesomeness. (does this make me awesome?)

(that'd be me, 2nd from the bottom, & that's Seniel 2nd from the top as well as the one in center of the big picture that looks like she is going to annihilate you with an aerosol can of hair product)

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