Thursday, June 9, 2011

100 Words: Deep South Sticky

It's "deep south sticky" right now. Every hair that blows in the fevered, yet mild, breeze sticks to my skin, only I've been so wiped out by the sweltering temperature that I just let them stay. I am unable to undress more than I already have, not without having to go to a private room... but those rooms have no breeze. I'm seconds away from sitting outside in practically nothing, waiting for the darkened skies to open up, dropping jewelry in my wake as I rid my skin of anything blocking a breeze... *clink*...*clink*....*clink* in anticipation of an invigorating deluge.


  1. What a great description! that is exactly why I live where I do. Humidity just sucks the life out of me...

  2. Was that in iambic pentameter? It was quite the poem.

  3. Doris- thank you!

    Pat- kind of you to say, and oddly enough this type of weather is NOT normal for an island off the New England coast this time of year... it's just GROSS out!

    Pickleope- I wish I could go all Shakespeare... but no... just a simple blog post of exactly 100 words. I enjoy trying to get my point across in 100 words, 'cause I find it amazing how hard that can be.

  4. Goofy I spent five days in TN in a tent with no AC and tons of dust and did not shower for five days. I have never been so hot or sweaty or miserable in my entire life. Taking a shower last night was practically orgasmic.
    I did get a nice tan though. :-)