Thursday, June 2, 2011

You've Gotta Ask Yourself, "Do I Feel Lucky?" Well Do You, Punk?

So..... there's been a change of plans this summer. My bartending gig at the place I worked last summer has a .000000001% chance of existing at any point this summer. I was sad about it for like an hour, pissed off for like a day or two... then guess what? Totally over it. Too bad really, since I loved that gig... BUT... like with almost all things we loved once, going back to them isn't always as fun.

THOUGH, I will say that the person I was working with last summer, who just about every customer complained about because she was always in a bad mood, is back there this summer. I found it interesting (and totally flattering & smile inducing) that so many different people had individually come up to me, before the bar reopened, to tell me they had asked about me/requested that I be there again... but the person hired back (who I'll totally admit is quite a good bartender, at least at making drinks properly, she's been doing it for years) is the one everyone complained to me about.

Yes, that's her...& no, I did not take that picture
I would have shrugged that off too, but on opening night it was my best friend's birthday... and a group of mutual friends were out with a bunch of girls at a bachelorette party that had decided to go dancing at my old bar... so, seeing as how it was my best friend's birthday, and I was the designated driver that night (someone had to get us home safe, and the birthday girl could barely sit on a bar stool safely halfway through the night)... I went down there. It was like going to your ex's place after a shitty break up. I didn't like it, but what made me just walk out of there without a word was looking behind the bar and seeing the moody bartender in a short pink wig. Yeah, I found it mildly pathetic, and left.

you've seen MY hair, right?

When I went back upstairs to the other bar I sat down to talk to one of the bartenders I totally think the world of and we laughed about it. THEN some random guy goes and sits right next to me (mind you, the bar itself was rather empty, he had a wide range of bar stools to pick from) and while my initial instinct was to just ignore him and continue my conversation with the bartender, the guy engages me in conversation, has some funny stuff to say, and then asks me "where are you from?" When I told him I lived here on the island, and "in fact I used to be a bartender downstairs", he laughs and says "well why the hell aren't you still down there? You're fun as hell, and way nicer than that grumpy wig wearin' bitch they've got there now." Oh man, I laughed my ass off! He proceeded to tell me how he and his friends had stopped in there at the beginning of the night and she was HORRIBLE to them. Totally cold and unfriendly. To the point that a bunch of guys, after a long day at work, chugged their drinks so they could get out of there ASAP. I laughed harder, THEN I witnessed him complain to the bar staff about her. Yeah, I enjoyed myself immensely from that moment forward. The guy was a lot of fun, and from my home town of Chicago (♥!!!). At the end of the night we exchanged emails and promised to get in touch so we could hang out again when he came back to the island (he and his work crew come out here once or twice a year to do work for a wealthy family from back home that has a 2nd house here) and I took Drunky McBirthdayGirl (and some others) home safely.

I loved that the next day I got a txt from her that said "thank you for driving last night!"
So I sent one back that just said "Thank you for NOT driving!"... and I also got a good laugh via facebook:
*click to enlarge*....this has been deleted in the past day or so, probably by her.
As far as jobs go....I ended up scoring a great job for the summer, full time (& started a few weeks ago... hence the sparse blog posts & comments on yours (sorry 'bout that!!!).... with FREE HEALTH CARE! What? Who woulda thought I'd land one of those, eh? Every day I spend the majority of my day sitting on a lovely wooden deck staring at the ocean... since the deck hangs OVER it.. again... WHAT?! The people I work with are fun, and very nice... and the customers, while mostly fairly stupid tourists, are at least nice. Sounds rather perfect doesn't it?
Yeah, I thought so. I was ready to stick with this job for the long haul all summer, and when the season ended... come back to it next summer.

What changed?

Well, the other day (about a week back, in fact the day after I saw the @#$%* in the pink wig) a friend of mine stopped into the office of my current job and we were talking about the shop he was opening with a few others (it's a motorcycle repair shop & retail store). I sorta half jokingly asked him if he was looking for any help, thinking (at the time) that having 3 jobs for the summer just wasn't enough... I didn't really expect his lit up facial reaction!

A day or two later I stopped by the shop, we talked, and I suddenly not only WANTED to work there, but felt like I NEEDED to.

(I love that we look like a 2 headed freak)
I discussed all this with one of my co-workers (who happens to be a good great friend) and it turned out she wanted to quit one of her jobs and work more hours at the job she & I shared... so you know what we did? We switched!

Today we finalized things, and the switcheroos will take place over the next few weeks.

I still have the awesome job overlooking the ocean, but no more free health care though, 'cause I won't be over 40hrs a week there any longer. It'll be in the evenings (& one 10 hr day) each week now, AND I will be working full time, all day, everyday at the bike shop... and doing a ton of graphic design for a business here on the island that has hired me to crank out a bunch of stuff for pretty good money. FINALLY! Life is good!

Throw in the fact that I stopped at the post office today to check my PO Box and there was a fat check from the state. Guess some taxes got overpaid. Um... again... WHAT?! This kind of thing NEVER happens to me! Way to take it up a notch 2011! You've scored yourself one hell of a fightin' chance at awesomeness!!

Anyone else havin' a strange, yet epically excellent bunch of stuff happen lately? I know the saying goes "misery loves company"... but sometimes (most times) I really enjoy hearing other people's good news instead. So, please, do tell!!


  1. I'm really happy for you. I told you 2011 won't be so bad after all :)

    (please check out my latest post, I have another guest post challenge and would like you to participate...)


  2. Um, yeah, the pink wig isn't going to make people dig her, but it will (as shown by the FB post) make her easily identifiable when one complains about her via Yelp, Facebook, snail mail, carrier pigeon...

    I've worked with "lean and chat" types, grumpy-pusses, airheads, and down right meanies. Most were never fired cuz the boss had a boner for 'em and they were suck-ups.

    It sounds like "all's well that ends well" though!

    I just sent out my 1st resume last night. Wish me luck that I find employment soon!

  3. Very disappointed
    To hear that what was my favourite bar, has taken to silencing criticism in such a draconian way - customer feedback is extremely valuable and for a business to try to censor its customers rather than face up to the fact that they are using a scare-cow to frighten them off is worrying. I can feel a letter to the editor coming on.
    Very delighted to hear things are picking up for you

  4. Sounds like things are working out, which is awesome. But you asked for good news...hmmmm...Well, I met Bigfoot and he came and lived with us and we called him Harry. Okay, you're right that's the plot of Harry and the Hendersons. But I'm happy for you!

  5. *happy dance for you huney* sadly I have NO GOOD NEWS THIS WEEK! Forgive my idiocy but what/where is this island? :)

  6. Starlight- thank you ♥, & I will go read your blog in just a moment :)

    Bea- wishin' you all the luck in the world!
    (& yeah, last summer she was all about gettin' high & havin' drinkypoos with the manager.. who was totally into that kind of thing... where as after I did my job I just wanted to get home to flip on Skype and talk to the BF)

    SBW- Yeah, it is lame that they'd delete those comments, but what can one expect from such a miserable person, eh? Life goes on!

    Pickelope- you know, back when I was about 16yrs old I got stoned outta my tree and watched that movie for the first time... I must have been super loopy because for the longest time (read: till I watched it again) I was convinced that was an Oscar worthy movie. No joke.

    Doria- thank you! I love me some happy dancin'! Beats the pants off the "pee pee dance"... which I might add I discovered, just yesterday, is really hard to do while driving. :)
    (oh... and the island is Martha's Vineyard)

  7. HIGH FIVE! You deserved a break today!


  8. I could use a little bit of that good luck this year!
    And three jobs... how do you manage? I have a hard enough time with school and one job.