Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 Words: Guilt Free

Dear 2011-
I know you started off on a good foot, and then, rather rapidly, went all sucktastic... THEN you miraculously made a helluva comeback. I loved you for that. I think you became a bit too confidant in your ability to remain awesome, and it showed... in a major way. THEN, like Travolta/PulpFiction you came rushing back in to steal my heart back... and now... well... now you've failed me again. I am no longer relying on you to remain consistent. I am in fact, cheating on you with future plans well into 2012. Ironically, I don't feel guilty.


  1. SO TRUE.

    Life is never a linear graph.

    ....Just forget that I'm a nerd, okay?

  2. L- Nerd? YOU'RE MY PEOPLE!!!
    I use semicolons in text messages for cryin' out loud.

  3. Oh hon, what's going on with 2011 ups and downs? I can't wait to hear about your 2012 plans :)

  4. You know I really don't either. This year has sucked balls for me. I've been more depressed than I ever have. I'm ready for 2012 even though the world will probably end.

  5. I'm too busy constructing the world's largest Sham-Wow for floods of 2012. No time to get too attached to 2011.

  6. CB- all will be revealed!

    John- you are too kind, thank you ♥

    Elliot- I've often wondered what would happen if a cargo ship, carrying nothing but Sham-Wows as freight, sunk... would we lose the ocean?.. or would a turf war break out with sea sponges?