Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 Words: I Have The Warm Blanket

With my mind racing at the speed of sound, all I long for today is silence. The sound of the wind rushing the trees should be my white noise... but it's not. The sepia toned world outside my windows is calling out for me to curl up in a hammock while I shelter myself in a warm blanket on a covered porch with a good book. Alas my porch is not covered, my hammock has long since been broken, & I have read every book in this house.
Is it irony that peacefulness outside rarely equates peacefulness on the inside?


  1. Is this really your first 100 words post? It's brilliant, very well written. I loved it!

  2. Starlight- indeed it is. You and Baglady totally inspired me to do them. It's a triumph for me 'cause writing just 100 words AND getting the point across ain't easy.

  3. Phenomenal!! I once did a hundred character post! Not really--you are awesome!