Friday, October 7, 2011

Words Crack Me Up

I kid you not, these really are correct terms for various groups of animals... and they crack me up... they also made me think that somehow they'd make a great kids poem... so I wrote one...


I'm leaving' this place,
and I'm taking with me
a mob of kangaroos
and a grist of bees.

There will be a shrewdness of apes,
And a flange of baboons;
A smack of jellyfish
And volley of loons.

Maybe a husk of rabbits
And a mischief of rats,
How about a pace of donkeys,
And a kindle of cats?

I'm including a bevy of otters,
And an exaltation of larks;
A crash of rhinoceroses,
And a shiver of sharks.

Along for the ride
I'll have a sneak of weasels
A dray of squirrels,
And a convocation of eagles.

Best not to forget
The passel of hogs,
Muster of peacocks,
Or army of frogs…

As well as the herd of gnus, giraffes,
Elks, and seals;
Gaze of raccoons, clutch of chickens,
Clash of bucks, and swarm of eels.

If there is still room, I'll include
More of "team herd,"
There are many of them,
Or haven't you heard?

(Chinchilla, moose, walrus, & horse
Antelope, zebra, llama, & boar)

I must find a place
For the trip of sheep,
Clutter of cats,
And wedge of geese.

The parliament of owls
And brace of bucks,
Passel of possum
And raft of ducks.

There are so many more
I'd take in one fell swoop,
But I'm worried about cleaning up
All the animal poop.


  1. What a fun poem. These words are great, and woefully under-used. Can I float on a raft of ducks?

  2. I love you and the way your mind works .... and this poem !

  3. Bea- you try it first, m'kay? Let me know how it goes :)

    efe83cea-f357-11e0-b262-000bcdcb5194- I don't know what I like better, your very kind comment... or the off chance that "efe83cea-f357-11e0-b262-000bcdcb5194" is your real name and your parents have the best sense of humor on the planet.

  4. Good work - but where were the sinister ones? A parliament of Rooks? and a Murder of crows. Meh ha hahahahahhahhah

    Also the industrious 'A Business of Ferrets?"

  5. sbw: guess you missed the "they'd make a great kids poem" part?