Friday, February 25, 2011

That Betch!

I'm not sure how many of you wonderful people know Cake Betch over at her blog The Hot Mess Chronicles... but you should! She's funny, talented, and every single time she posts something I get REALLY upset. Why? Because I'm totally rip shit about the fact that she is not my next door neighbor. Though, my neighborhood should be happy about that since I get the distinct impression that her and I would cause some serious trouble if left to our own devices with each other. (She might just be my evil twin.... which... uh... would make me HER evil twin...) ;p

Cake Betch  illustrates her blog posts herself, and she does such an amazing job that it'll make you want to try it yourself. However once you try, and realize her comedic graphic illustrations are damn near impossible to rival, you'll probably get pissed... and then just wish she was your next door neighbor too. Lucky for you (& today for me!!!) she enjoys illustrating OTHER peoples blog posts from time to time. Yes, today is my lucky day. She offered to illustrate a blog post of mine, so I sent her one I had written that I thought would be a better story with her talents added in... and today it's up on her blog! Yes, my very first guest posting! So... Go and check it out! ... seriously.. go now! (... but don't forget to come back... I'll miss you.)

Read my blog post HERE.

(Feel free to comment here or there, as I'd pretty much want to cry if no one had anything to say. Not that I'd try & guilt you into leaving a comment or anything... but... well... admit it, you love it (comments) too.)


  1. i saw your guest post this morning! i was cracking up at work, your story plus cake betch's illustrations...awesome.

  2. Ditto what Miss Tsa said. Really well done!

  3. Hi there! I'm here from over there.
    That was a great story made even better with the pictures! If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along (see my pretty picture on your side bar?) Thanks!
    Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue

  4. Yaaay! Lurve!!

    I actually laughed when I saw the title and then blushed at all the praise.

    Thanks Neighbor! :-D

  5. Miss Tsa: Cake Betch is pretty great with those illustrations. I just wish she was only good at that and not so great at writing so that I could convince her to illustrate everything I write! Alas, she's a fantastic writer as well.

    Bea: I can't give Cake Betch enough praises, but knowing she will see these comments is a start! So thank YOU as well :)

    Pat: Welcome! I was a big fan of your story that she illustrated recently, the writing was as hysterical as the pictures. Quite happy to have you pop in over here and join the silliness that seems to be my completely directionless blog.

    Cake Betch- You're the best...THE BEST! Thank you again! ♥

  6. I am soo Hooked--from Cake Betch's Blog to yours. Will you move in between us??

    Do you mind if I tag along?

    Great great stuff young lady!


  7. John- WELCOME!! (looks like we'll have to have a block party soon!)