Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Santa-

Dear Santa-

Hook a sista' up would ya? I'd like the following (I hooked you up and gave you some links too... just sayin'...)

A Vespa: this style, this model, this color...

this book about my friend's Dad:

these bowls from Anthropologie (in black):

a kick ass GPS system for my car:

this book that I've been wanting to read for ages:

this vintage key set from Pottery Barn:

gift certificates for:


this one doesn't need to be wrapped... but a bow might be a nice touch:

(I love me some Benicio Del Toro...)


some Venus Razor refills (those suckers are expensive!):

some "Razor Rinse" from Ritual:

a plane ticket to Scotland:

(this is the wee post office/shop where I'd walk over and get my Sunday paper each week when I lived there.)

a plane ticket to Seattle:

(so I can see my friend Dave P.)

a ticket to Chicago:

(my hometown)

The winning lottery numbers....

a variety case of really yummy red wine (heavy on the pinot noir please):

a new laptop... specifically a 17" macbook pro (with all the bells & whistles):

(I know, looks just like the one I already have... only not almost 10 years old)

.... and I'd also appreciate it if you (Santa) would make sure that ALL my friends (moreover a few specifically) got everything they wanted and needed this year. I've learned that if they're not happy, I'm not happy... so do us both a favor and hook them up first, m'kay? Thanks... and Merry Christmas dude. The glass of scotch I'm leaving out for you this year is a good one, sip... don't chug.


PS. Please remember I am a single female... living on an, as many of these as you can fit in my stocking would be greatly appreciated:


  1. Here is my present to you so you can take the Razor Rinse off the list, plus more witch hazel inspiration...what could be better?

    What you need:

    * Uncoated aspirin
    * 70% alcohol
    * Witch Hazel
    * A measuring cup/bottle
    * 2 bottles used to shake mixtures
    * 1 8oz or more bottle/container to keep finished product

    What you do:

    1. Pour 5.5oz of 70% alcohol into one bottle.
    2. Drop 18 uncoated aspirins into the alcohol. Cap bottle and shake.
    3. Pour 2.5oz of witch hazel into the second bottle.
    4. Drop 8 uncoated aspirins into the witch hazel. Cap bottle and shake.
    5. Wait awhile (30 minutes to a whole day) for the aspirins to dissolve in the liquids. Shake periodically to help dissolve aspirin and mix. NOTE: not all of the aspirin will dissolve. That’s ok- some of it never will.
    6. Now combine both the alcohol and witch hazel mixtures together into one bottle. Make sure you shake it up before you pour them out so you also get the aspirin residue into the new bottle.

    This last bottle is your Tendskin! Use 1-2 a day. Reduce usage if you experience dryness or flaking or irritation. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ASPIRIN. Make sure you shake well before each use.

    Reviews can be read at

  2. If I won the lottery, I would buy you the Vespa and stuff. Just saying.

    I suppose I should go buy a ticket.

  3. That GPS model you have posted is the same one my "friend" here on base has. It is a rather awesome piece of equipment.