Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's The Little Things...

Wendy was off the island for Christmas and called me to see if I wanted her to meet me at the ferry boat on the mainland and take me to the shops I was dying to get to so I could score some curtains w/out paying a zillion dollars....... and man did I ever!

I found curtains in the exact color I wanted, and today, after running around to a bunch of shops here on the island to find curtain rods (this island has a really shitty selection!) I finally made it home as the sky was turning dark, began to iron every curtain panel, then mounted and hung the curtain rods... and I FINALLY have curtains! It only took 9 years....

So, this week I have completely repainted, rearranged, reorganized, and hung curtains (and it's only Tuesday!)... did I mention I finally bought myself a suhweeet cordless drill? No? Well, I did! This lil' sucker is gonna get a hell of a lot of use! I also found a professional grade ice shaver at HALF OFF!... so today was a really good day! (I'm the weird one that can claim shaved ice (with no flavoring) is my all time favorite snack food.)

ok.. without further ado... my curtained livingroom!

 (that big blue lump in the middle of the room is the beast wrapped up in her blankets. She won't lay down w/out being covered head to toe in them... two seconds after I snapped the picture, she realized the blanket had slipped off her head and stood up ... then stared at me till I recovered her head... freakin' diva!)

My house has never looked so much like a home as it does tonight. This makes me smile.

*side note: you know what also makes me smile? The fact that I kept that card rack from my shop. When I closed my store I was just gonna sell the rack to a friend for their store, but somethin' made me hold onto it.. and I'm so happy I did. Not only can I use it to house my odd postcard collection - I do collect post cards, so feel free to send me some when you travel, the odder the better!- but it was a great way to display the gazillion Christmas cards that came in this year.


  1. Room looks nice, BIG makita guy myself, I really recommend the wet & dry vacuum cleaner. Not cheap but it will literally suck up a small flood, and I've unblocked some un-roddable pipework with it too.


  2. one year ago today.... damn.... how things have changed.......