Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About That One Time ...

Did I ever tell you about that day in September this year when the BF (aka "My Jerk♥") & I were wandering along the Thames after visiting Shakespeare's Globe, and we came across a cute lil' old dude fishing?

Yeah, he was fishing right there in the Thames. - BTW, for the few of you that are actually reading this, and possibly have no idea... The River Thames is pronounced "Tems" not "Theyms."- Anyway... The BF stops to talk to the guy who happened to be cockney as well (you knew the BF was cockney, right? Well, he is.) and asks the guy if he can take his picture. See, "My Jerk♥" writes a blog about hunting/fishing etc... and a snippet about this guy would be hysterical.
Know what the old guy says? (Fans of "Old Greg" are gonna love this... ) He says "Do you love me?"
I, of course giggle my ass off, and the BF misunderstands him and doesn't bother with a picture.... till we are all about to part ways and I say "Baby, weren't you gonna snap a picture?" and the BF says "I didn't think he wanted his picture taken." To which I reply "No, he just wanted to know if you loved him. "

Old dude is smiling and laughing and tells my BF to take his picture... then says "one wit yer Misses, yeah?" and reaches for me. I happened to think the old dude was a sweetheart and totally hysterical, so I went straight into his arms.....

Then old dude says "giff us a kiss, yeah?" and I look at the BF, and he smiles waiting to see what I'd do... and I'm pretty sure he had absolutely no idea just how far I will take a joke if it will make for a good story, even long after the fact............ So the BF holds up the camera, I look at the old dude and say "you want a kiss eh?", old dude smiles at me, puckers up (I'm sure both he and the BF thought I was goin' for the guy's cheek)... but you know what I did? I totally made out with the old cockney dude. :)

Then I looked at the BF and said "bet ya didn't see that comin' now did ya?"  He laughs and the old cockney dude, says with a grin "I didn't! But I be lookin' fer it the next time, love!"

(How much money do you wanna bet the BF will post something about this making it look like I was wandering around London playin' tonsil hockey with random old men? )


  1. LoL, that's a great story. You actually made out with that dude? Girl, you rock!

  2. Hah ha ha! I love this! Nice one.

  3. Since you're so interesting person I have a task for you :) I tagged you to answer some questions. Check out my blog and then answer those questions if you would like. And if you do, please notice me, I would love to read your answers!

  4. Starlight- you know the phrase... "without pictures, it didn't happen" ... well, it happened :)
    (& thank you for the tag, will get to it asap)

    Baglady- yeah, I'm still cracking up over it. :)

  5. Hmmmm,

    Could this be SBW's love interest? An American to boot. Couldn't happen to a better guy!

    Best Regards,
    Ranger Rasch the Rock Kommando
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Snot Nose Lives!

  6. Albert- you're quite the sleuth, eh? ;p