Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tag, You're It

Right, so I've apparently been "tagged" in a blog by Starlight and must answer these questions to the best of my ability. Then I'm supposed to tag others and ask them to do the same... So... because chain mail and crap like that tend to bring out my inner it goes:

1. Why did you create the blog?
I'm guessing just about everyone answering this via blog would say they love to write, otherwise blogging would be a total pain in the ass, yeah? I think I created my blog not so much because I had something to say that I felt was important, but I had things to say that I usually wanted some sort of feedback on. Whether it was editorial comments, or just  "I know what you mean/me too" type comments…I wanted to put something "out there."  I keep telling my friends, the ones that can never seem to be bothered to read my blog (& that is seriously okay btw, 'cause it just means I can talk mad smack about 'um now ;p) that if I didn't want what I was writing to be read, I'd be writing in a journal/diary that I keep hidden in… oh! I'm not telling you where I keep it hidden! Nice try though…

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I love anything that will make me laugh most of all, so if I come across a blogger with a great sense of humor and the ability to translate that humor via the written word I will become an instant fan. Same goes for eloquence; if someone is able to articulate thoughts in a way that I find to be beautiful, then I am all about it.

3. Favourite makeup brand?

(this would be the question that guarantees no male bloggers will be tagged, eh?)
I wish I could be all "oh, I only wear chapstick", but the truth is, I am a total makeup junkie. Seriously, I walk into a Sephora and pretty much drool. That said, I am quite adept at wearing 23 different products and still managing to look like I'm not wearing make up, but the brand that I have loved, and always had the best luck with is Benefit.


4. Favourite clothing brand? I don't know that I have a favorite brand, but I can tell you that 99.9% of everything in Anthropologie is something I love... and that, oddly enough, whenever I find a dress I like, and it looks good, it is almost always by Tracy Reese.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

My basic "everyday makeup" consists of:

 (you can click on that to make it bigger you know)

6. Your favourite colour?
Any color that makes me think of the ocean/seaside is my favorite, alas all those blue-y green colors look HORRIBLE on me and make me look like I am on the verge of projectile vomiting. So, my favorite color to wear?  
ORANGE, no question.

7. Your perfume?
for YEARS I wore Fresh's "Cannabis Santal" , but earlier this year decided to stop…….. and almost every day since I have regretted giving away my last full bottle of it. I can't seem to find a scent I like as much as I loved that one. Though the last time I loved a fragrance … THEY DISCONTINUED IT! BASTARDS!!! (I don't even care that it was a totally cheap perfume, that stuff smelled awesome on me… any chance any of you have some full bottles of "Liquid" by Hard Candy you want to send my way?)

8. Your favourite film?

of all time? any genre?… damn, that's a tough one…….. I'll have to go with a tie between "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" & "The Big Chill." I never get sick of watching either of those... EVER.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

You know where I'd really like to go? Oz. I'm not talking Australia… I mean OZ… like Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, singing munchkins, & flying apes, we're off to see the freakin' wizard,  Oz. For real, how awesome would that be?! Really I just want to score a kick ass pair of ruby slippers in my size. (11)

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself: What were you in your previous life?
I'm just gonna leave Starlight's question… 'cause I have a theory on this…….. after putting up with all the craptasticness I have had to deal with, I have come to the decisive conclusion that I am paying my dues in this life for being a professional puppy kicker in the last one. Basically I'm fucked, but my NEXT life is gonna rule so hard core it's frightening.

Ok... this is where I am supposed to "tag" another blogger, eh? I'm thinkin' this is the hard part. See, my first instinct is to tag Cake Betch over at The Hot Mess Chronicles, but I know she has been bogged down with school related work lately (see? I read everyone's blogs, I pay attention!), then there's also my cousin Harper, & her blog "Bleak to Chic" (which everyone should totally check out 'cause it's awesome and she is doing AMAZING things with her new place), alas, she seems to be mighty busy these days as well. There's also Crazy Ramblings Of A Tired Mom who is just plain hysterical in her tales of day to day occurrences.... yet I think she's bogged down too.
But you know what? FUCK IT!  I'm taggin' all three of you, you know why? I'm thousands of miles from home, and the only internet access I have is at the cafe 3 blocks away where I sit out back in the freezing cold London winter, alternating between typing and grasping on to my giant cup of tea for dear life to obtain warmth... so... TAG! You're it! (ok, honestly, I won't be gutted if you don't do it, but if you do, let me know :) )

Tagged Bloggers:
Cake Betch
Crazy Ramblings Of A Tired Mom


  1. We're all paying our dues for our previous life but we're also learning and getting new experiences :)

    Do you really believe in previous life?

  2. you know what? I do. I don't know exactly what I believe about previous lives per se, but I do believe that humans, and even animals, existed eons before their current time in one form or another. Sort of like non-stop life lessons that never end.

    Sure there are hundreds out there that seem to believe they were once Cleopatra, or Joan of Arc... and hey, if that's what gets you through the night, far be it for me to tell you otherwise. I just like to think that while we might not carry any true memories of previous lives into our current ones, maybe, just maybe, a lesson or two learned in a previous one will help aid us in the present. This is also my theory on those moments we experience in our present lives where we have no freakin' idea why/how something happened (good or bad), but the "how we got there" part sticks with us.
    It really is one of those conversations to be had over a nice big bottle (or 3 ;p) of pinot noir, a warm fire, and smart friends. I just don't know that I would be able to articulate my thoughts on it in a posted comment.

    whatcha doin' later? haha You can come over to the BF's place and we'll discuss past lives and all our theories :)

    In the meantime, the sun has set at this wee cafe, and I am FREEZING.. so I'm closing up the laptop and heading back to the house for the day. ♥

  3. That's exactly what I think!! OMG, that's awesome!
    I wish I could talk with you about this over a couple of bottles of whatever, I really do! :)

  4. I am bogged down, however I will do the questionnaire when I get a moment. Most likely Monday at work when I have some free time.......Hahahaha!