Monday, January 24, 2011

Is It Really An Honor Just To Be Nominated?

 (go me... go me... go go go me.... ;p)

I was given a blog award recently, and have been absolutely horrible about doing anthing about it. (You sure I'm worthy of this one Starlight?) Anyway... apparently there are rules I must follow, and who am I to break the rules? (Don't answer that....)
The rules were/are as follows:

1.      Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you. (√)

2.      Share 7 things about yourself (√ ok... here we go...)

  1. I am a complete salad snob. I seek out restaurants based on the salads they serve, will make MASSIVE salads at home and live off them for 1/2 a week... and rarely are they the epitome of healthy.... oh, and I judge you when you use iceberg lettuce. ;p
  2.  I will NEVER not think burps & farts are funny. My inner 8 yr old is strong.
  3.  I am a stickler for proper grammar and spelling, but I absolutely love it when people just make up their own words to suit the situation, (my theory being that if you make up a word and people know what you meant, you've just made it a real word) and I rarely bother to re-check things I write for errors... even though I mess up all the time. Guess I'm basically a grammatical hypocrite?
  4. I have been writing since childhood, and I find it to be the most cathartic thing in the world... but have a very hard time sharing the stories I write because they become so very personal to me.
  5. I would kick puppies to have smaller feet. Even just a size 9 would make me happy... 'cause size 11 just plain sucks.
  6. On an almost daily basis I want to get in a time machine and go scream "What are you crazy?!" at my adolescent self for not wanting to take a nap. Man I miss nap time.
  7. I don't put much stock in horoscopes/star signs... but I have noticed that every female I've ever met that is a Cancer I have liked instantly, and every male I know that is a Cancer has the most intense mood swings I've ever seen. 
... and now back to the rules.....

3.     Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (√ ...BUT since "recently" isn't fully defined, i.e what is recent? Past year? past week? yesterday? ... and 15? really? 15? Um... I'll be cheating a bit here.......I'm going with the 15 bloggers whose recent writing/posts I just dig, and who don't have 80 gazillion readers/followers. You know.. you should check them out.......go follow them too. I can't be the only person that appreciates & likes feedback from others.)

Starlight @ Crazy Thoughts (I know you gave ME the award... but... you didn't say I couldn't give it to you as well!)

CakeBetch @ Hot Mess Chronicles

The Suburban Bushwacker @ The Suburban Bushwacker

Harper @ Bleak to Chic

The hysterical woman behind "Crazy Ramblings Of A Tired Mom"

BeMistified @ Neon Green Blathering

Brooke @ If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Read My Blog

Angel @ Illegitimate Angel

Fickle Cattle @ I Am Fickle Cattle

Roaring Housewife @ I Am Housewife...Hear Me Roar

Ms Tsa @ The Odd Things

The funny guy behind "Content Unrelated"

LeeRoses @ If There's One Thing I've Learned

Simon @ This, That, 'N' T'other

The genius behind "Just Plain Tired"

4.         Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award (√ ok. This is gonna take a while....)

Thank you Starlight


  1. Kick ass!! Thanks for the award! :-)

  2. CakeBetch- you're very welcome, it's much deserved in your case. Your posts crack me the fuck up.

  3. You're definitively worthy, no doubt about this! I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Thanks for awarding me again, that's really nice of you.
    (Would it be ok with you if I don't write another post about it and make a modification to the one in which I already wrote about this award?)

  4. No one, I mean no one, puts the word genius and my blog in the same sentence. Thank you very much! I'm humbled, flattered, and thrilled all wrapped up into one bundle of, well, something.

    I've been a terrible blogger lately as far as getting around to other blogs due to time constraints. that should be changing very soon.

    Sheesh, I just followed you and added you to my blog roll. Something I should have done before.

    Again, thank you for the award and reading the drivel I spew.

  5. Starlight: What?! you mean you don't want to write a completely pointless blog post just for MY benefit? Pthfft! Well I never!
    (Don't be silly, of course that's ok!)

    JPT: Do you read your posts?! You're very funny, and articulate... that is a shockingly hard thing to find these days, but I like to think I am lucky enough to come across bloggers with those credentials, and more than happy to include you in that group.

  6. Thank you for the award...Yes I am very stylish even if I do say so myself...and I do!

  7. oh.. & Angel... I know you're havin' a shitty day today (ahhh facebook....) so... ♥ right back atcha'

  8. Hot dang, I didn't even realize people read my blog. Now you've linked to me! Thanks for the blog award! Sweet of you to think of me and my completely random musings.

    I hardly read new blogs and when I found yours I was hooked...if this is what I get for randomly following you then I think I'll start following others just to shake things up.

  9. Omg Thank you so much!! I would give you one but you already have one lol!

  10. Ugh will school and work I am just now getting to thank you! So Thank you!

  11. Thank you so much for the award!