Thursday, March 17, 2011

Am I There Yet?

This island I live on is making things downright impossible! I have a 1pm flight out of Boston on Thursday (that'd be today since I'm post dating this post)... and you know what I have to do to get there? I'll tell you... off I go:

  • wake up around 5:30am (which means I'm just gonna wait and sleep on the plane)
  • leave for the ferry boat about 6:30am
  • take the 7am ferry
  • arrive on the mainland at 7:45am
  • take the 8am bus to Logan airport
  • arrive at Logan around 10am and sit on my ass waiting for the 1pm flight
  • board flight
  • arrive in Houston, TX
  • switch to next flight in under 30 minutes
  • arrive in New Orleans around 6pm
  • meet up with my friend Graham so we can go back to his place and drop off my stuff
  • try not to drink so much that I vomit... what? it IS St. Paddy's, and I will be in New Orleans....
(Holy Sucktastically Long Travel Day Batman!)

I'll have all day Friday to recoup, and try to get any last minute stuff from the stores near Graham's place. I'm leaving the majority of toiletries here to save room and make sure I have just one small carry on bag, all I really need is the dress & shoes I'm wearing on Saturday. Seriously, a change of clothes is like all I need. If I need a t-shirt or somethin' I will borrow one from Graham. Though... I am kinda excited to wear this one dress I bought last year that has yet to see light of day. So, ok.. the outfit I'm wearing to the wedding AND the other dress I am dying to wear.
this'd be the dress for the wedding
and the shoes... like you care haha!

Graham conveniently lives in the Garden District in an area called "Black Pearl"... and yes I am always on the look out for pirates when I wander up to St. Charles to catch the trolly into the French Quarter. (I have yet to see one, but that DOES NOT mean they aren't there!) I'm not overly afraid, Graham is like 6'6 and while he convinced me to look all "goth-y" last time I was down there.... he is the real deal...and I can't imagine any pirates would want to do anything other than run away screaming. Stupid pirates.
Me & Graham lookin' all gothtastic last April in N.O

Graham is the bass player for 'Suicide Assyst'
He's also one of my favorite human beings with a true heart of gold. The older I get, the more I realize how rare that is. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like Graham in their life.

Brandi & her daughter Hannah
On Saturday my ex fiance (Brett) who is, bar none the best ex fiance a girl could ever hope to have, (seriously, he rules! ) is driving across lake Pontchartrain causeway to pick my ass up and take me over to Mandeville for his sister Brandi's wedding. She is the reason I'm going down there. I adore that girl, and I think I will always consider her my sister... and her daughter Hannah is, for all intents and purposes, my niece. I'm sure my ex's wife still hates me, and hates the fact that I am still close to his family, but I am sick of trying to go out of my way to help her understand that I have no interest in being "with" my ex. We broke up for a reason, that reason being we were never meant to be anything more than the very best of friends, anything beyond that was just stupid wishful thinking on our part. Wishful thinking that lasted 5 years, over TEN years ago.
Brett & Brandi

Last time I was down there Brandi & I were walking along the riverwalk and sorta fell back from the group so we could have a lil' "one on one" convo... and as she slowed her gait she looked at me and said in that sweet southern accent of hers....

"Damnit Gill-yin, you were supposed to be my sister."

I linked my arm into hers and said .....

"What makes you think I'm NOT?"

Yeah, I love that girl, and watching her get married this weekend is going to be the cherry on top of all the awesomeness that has taken place so far.
Brandi & her soon to be hubby Don

When I stop to think about all that has transpired since January 1st... my brain sorta turns to pudding.... I still can't believe I experienced it all, thank jeebus I take a zillion pictures!

My year so far:
it's not even Spring yet!... Man, 2011 is lookin' pretty good!


  1. It sounds like you've got a fantastic weekend in store. I can relate to the travel off of an island thing. This time of year, flying is the best way to go as the ferry is a 10 hour drive on the west coast of the island (and a five hour ferry ride).

    Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip.

  2. I LOVE the dress, it's amazingly lovely and the shoes are awesome. I expect photos of you hun, you'll be smokin' hot! (I'm looking for a smokin' hot dress for Mr. Starlight's brother's wedding but I have huge problems since I gained weight :/)
    It's so nice to hear that you're in good relationship with your ex and also with his family. Though I have to say that I understand his wife...

    Hun, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh, I forgot to tell you the good news: I've got a surprise for you, check out my blog :)

  4. LOVE IT! Travel safely, Drink Lots, Post when you can--although you probably won't remember much until you look at the Digital Pics!


    LOL_ The word ver- is REDNESS, SO watch out for any!

  5. Love that dress! And those shoes! Safe trip. Am now following, all thanks To Starlight! :)

  6. Have a great time! I'll be in New Orleans next week myself. Let us know how it goes!

  7. My my, you're quite the jet-setter. I'm so jealous of all your fabulous travels!

  8. Finally home, and after another travel day that took FOREVER (seriously, was in a cab at 4am, and didn't walk in the door to my house till 5pm) and passing out, sitting up, then waking up at 4:30am... still in the chair... here I am finally getting to reply to the comments. (sorry I took so long!)

    Alan- thank you, it was an amazing trip... but far from uneventful. (stay tuned for the update on that!)

    Starlight- I'm gonna have to create a new blog badge to give to you that is for "Sweetest Blogger Around" ♥

    John- my friend Graham and I stared at "LOL_ The word ver- is REDNESS, SO watch out for any!" for a good 5 minutes trying to decipher it... and I have finally given up... I beg of you, PLEASE tell me what that means! It was killing us!

    Doria- Welcome! .. and thank you. It's always a treat to have a friendly face around ♥

    Chi-town Southerner- Thank you! I will indeed be writing about some fantastic moments... right after I go back to bed and sleep off all my lack of sleep!

    Cake Betch- I have the hardest time seeing myself/my life as anything but plain & simple, with a few interesting moments at best, but I love that anyone would think there's more to it. I'm slowly finding the ability to realize just how lucky I really am, now I just need to figure out how to maintain that... and afford airfare ;p