Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On A Cold Day In March

I have no interest in writing anything today. I spent a VERY late night with a good friend that... well... needed a friend. He just flew back here to the island in the morning, briefly leaving behind the life he has been creating for himself out in LA. (He's a top chef and about to open an amazing restaurant there called "Chilmark" that all of you need to check out when it finally opens.) His reason for such an unexpected return was the death of his father.

I went out last night to talk to the man that has given me a second full time job this summer (!!!!), and to convince my friend to come out so I could give him the big giant bear hug I so desperately wanted to give him. (Plus it's fun as hell since he's 6'5 and thankfully not a skinny lil' guy) I lived on the edge and drank ice water all night so that he could drink all he wanted and know he'd get home safely ... which I indeed made sure that he did.

Alas, I did not get home till around 3:45/4:00am... hence my sleepiness right now. ... & the achy red mark on my neck from where my friend "attacked" me at one of the bars and decided that the "X" tattoo on my neck meant I needed a big honkin' hickey there too. (Yes, I have a hickey on my neck... *sigh*) ... but on the upside he tried to convince me that on Sunday we needed to run off to Las Vegas and get married. I totally said "YES." 'Cause let's be honest, there's no arguing with a quite large 6'5 drunk guy... besides... it made for some highly entertaining text messages and phone calls today. :)
So in lieu of anything else... I'm giving you a "picture" of my day... of me... today... via one of my favorite time waster sites, polyvore.

Forever21 cardigan, $20
Scoop neck tee, $23
Siwy flare jean, $208
Ankle booty, 30 GBP
Proenza Schouler leather shoulder bag, $2,595
By Meredith Wendell wrap bracelet, 275 GBP
Tarina Tarantino chain necklace, $163
MIQUELLA LONDON rhinestone hoop earring, 70 GBP
Cocktail ring, $18 NYX Cosmetics Nude On Nude Natural Look Kit 9 Eyeshadows 2..., $9.75
GLAMOUR IS GOLDEN Blockbuster 2010 Make Up Set, 140 EUR
Vernis à Ongles - Collection "Burlesque" de OPI sur, 14 EUR
Shimmer Lip Gloss - Lilac Sugar, $22
Custom Framed Art |, $89
cobble hill housten tufted chair and a half - ABC Carpet & Home, $1,195 Set of 4 "Battenburg" PINK Demitasse Cups & Saucers -..., $30
Keep Calm and Carry On Pillow |, $22
Valentine's For Her - Features: - Womens, $7.95
Crocus Flower


  1. Um, yeah...I was sorta hoping for a "hickey" picture. :D

  2. Bea- just for you... I reached over, grabbed my camera, and took a picture. Happy now? :)

  3. Aww poor guy, hope he's doing okay :-(

  4. That's so awesome your friends opening a resturaunt and yes I vote getting married in las vegas on a whim is very romantic in a spontanious sort of way. And omg thanks for the comment it was long but I'm glad you said all those things. If you were wondering he did call the next night and we've still been talking. So I guess I overreacted about the text.

  5. So did you run off and get married in Vegas? Because I would do that just to blog about it! :)

  6. Where did my comment go? It was a good one too! Damng it!


  7. John- ?? no idea. I got no comment notification... did it post then disappear? Or was it one of those annoying glitches where you type it out, hit "comment" and *poof* buh-bye?

  8. Poof Buh BYE--of course there is a lot of OPERATOR error involved..but the word verification I actually used in the post--and I may have forgotten to hit it--AFTER I used it!!

    But today's I can use even better- jerotor is the medical word for Hickey--is that awesome or what?

    It's also total BS--which is what I posted the other day and was even funnier--because the word even sounded more Hickeyish!

    Hugs and Love this Blog!!!!!!!