Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday In The Park...It Wasn't On The 4th Of July

On the off chance that anyone was wondering which I chose.... and to be honest I have no idea why anyone would... but I am totally that type of person that would be oddly dying to know... I went with....
this dress

these shoes.... until my feet just said "oh hell no!"... then I switched....
to these flip flops... that weirdly enough matched the dress perfectly....
plus my oddly sparkly purse...that barely holds anything worthwhile, but I'll be damned if it ain't cute as hell!

PLUS My favorite pendant around my neck (it's called a druzy, & it's kinda massive... and epic)... and I pretty much want to wear it all the time, every day... but that'd take all the fun out of people asking "holy shit! what is that?!"

and .... ready for the big reveal? My hot date, Doug.......

....who is topping my list of favorite human beings for life, snapped this shot of me on our way to the wedding:

The bride was perfection... as always... and even in the candid shots she looked like the model she was a few years ago:
So... there ya go. ♥


  1. You were awesome. The whole combination is just perfect.

  2. I love weddings! Just seeing those pictures made me want to get drunk and dance like an idiot to crappy 80's songs. So I will.

  3. Starlight- thank you!

    Pickelope- you just described the dancing part of the reception... only I wouldn't call any of it crappy... more like three different kinds of awesome :)

  4. You look wonderful! I love the combination you came up with. :)

  5. Agree with Starlight, huney you look fabulous!!! Hope it was an AWESOME time!

  6. I love what you wore. I love that purse. The brides dress looks like a mermaid dress.