Sunday, September 18, 2011

Didley Squat

I really haven't had much time this summer to write... and I gotta tell you, it's killin' me. I don't just mean my blog, or visiting yours... but writing to write. It's something I love, and now it's something I truly miss. Problem now is that when I do have an hour or so free... my brain goes to mashed bananas and I can't think of anything to write.
There are times when I just want to vent frustrations, or bitch up a storm... or seek some consoling for something awful that has happened/is happening... or maybe I'm just in the mood to share a story.... but for the most part I've got nothin'. A big heapin' pile of jack shit.
LUCKILY Starlight over at her blog Crazy Thoughts was kind enough to tag me in a post that now gave me something to write about... so without further ado... and because my lame ass has put this off long we go: 

I am apparently supposed to answer these seven questions about my blog via links to my blog ... so....

1)    Your most beautiful moment: I can't explain why.... I really can't... (ok.. won't)  but this post would be it.

2)    A post that didn't get the attention you thought it deserved : oh, that's easy... this one (it didn't get one single comment, which makes me think no one read it :( ... and it was like the most excellent thing that had happened to me in I don't know how long.

3)    Your most popular blog post: well, according to blogger... it's this one: "Porn & Gambling". I find it funny because I wrote the post as a joke... sorta like a filler really.

4)    Your most controversial blog post is called : "Brains" and I don't think it was overly controversial... but some dude decided to go all religious on me... which I found more than a little funny.

5)    Your most helpful post: I really don't think I have any that are "helpful", you know? I guess the closest I came was with a post that a lot of people couldn't wrap their heads around. Even though I tried to choose my words carefully and make people understand that the LAST thing I was looking for was validation of any sort.... people still had some whacked out theory that I was fishing for compliments etc. The only thing that saved me from deleting that post altogether was that private messages came to me via email from others that read it and fully understood because they suffered, or were currently suffering, from the same thing. No one wants another to feel bad, but sometimes knowing that someone else is able to fully empathise with what you're going through can truly help with the process of moving past it.

6)    A post whose success surprised me: I honestly don't know. I mean I really don't know. Guess I need a better definition of "success."

7)    The post I am most proud of is:
my first one here "Beach Day" I had 4... yes FOUR other blogs... all of them crap... three of them just pointless stuff really, and one where I poured my heart out. I kept that one private. Only like two or three people had access. Sorta just a diary really. That is what this blog has been for me at times... and this one is still rather pointless, but I do enjoy it when I have the time to sit and write. I'm not proud of it for any reason other than it's proof (to me) that I CAN just throw out the garbage when needed.

Now I am supposed to tag some people whose answers I'd like to see.... and you know what? Totally doin' it :)

1) Cake Betch


  1. That's funny. I read the one about the wallet and I missed the one about porn. Lol. I get everything wrong.

    Of course I also used to write for pleasure--and even dreamed of writing a book--but posting blogs has actually made me sort of scared of it. I have several I never posted.

  2. Awww, shoot! I've got to get on it! :D

    Thanks to Starlight for motivating you, GG.

    When you mentioned how your brains are like mashed bananas after long days of work, I, for some reason, thought of the old anti-drug commercial from yore: "This is your brain (an egg), this is drugs (a frying pan), this is your brain on drugs (the egg frying in a pan). Any questions?" That commercial made me laugh, especially when I was high.

  3. Hey! Look at that! I made the list! And overuse exclamation points!!!! Thank you!!
    And isn't that how it always is, once you get a chance to write the writers block goblins invade the brain.

  4. Ab sa fricken Lutely Awesome!

    Sheer perfection!