Sunday, April 24, 2011




  1. haha... LOVE IT! And you said Jeebus. That too is AWESOME~

  2. Doria- every year we celebrate... sometimes in costume, other times with eggs decorated to look like little oval brains :)

    Gorges- how'd that saying go? Judge lest not ye be judged?... or wasn't there something about throwing stones?...........
    Quite a few seem to miss a big part of the point of the "Zombie Jeebus" joke.
    'From an atheist perspective, Jesus either did not exist or was not divine and did not take part in many of the stories attributed to him. To the atheist, belief in the resurrection is equivalent to belief in the Alice in Wonderland story. It is considered to be ridiculous. “Zombie Jesus” accentuates how ridiculous the atheist perceives the resurrection to be. On the flip side, Christianity generally believes atheists will be eternally punished after death for not accepting Jesus. Atheists do not believe this and may tire of constantly being told that Christians believe atheists are doomed. If Christians are going to find "Zombie Jeebus offensive, they have to accept that atheists may think being preached to about salvation is offensive as well.

    If Christians expect others to put up with their potentially offensive witnessing/preaching/evangelism then it is only right that they put up with the “offensive disbelief” of others.'

    uh... amen. ;p