Monday, April 25, 2011

iBLOG: Doria

This post is another edition of the guest posts known as iBLOG. Today we get to hear from the lovely Doria over at What's On Your Mind Monkey Butt?" Which, I might add, is one of the funniest !@#$%^ names for a blog EVER! Seriously, how could one NOT look forward to seeing updates from a blog with that name?! I highly recommend you go check her out. I absolutely love Doria's blog. She is a girl after my own heart, she lives her life out loud (via her blog) and there is something just so familiar about her and her "voice." Please be sure to go check out her blog when you get a chance... but FIRST... read her guest post right here!
As with all the other bloggers that are contributing to this series, Doria was asked the simple question of "why do you blog?" We know that some do it because they have a hobby they want to share, some are looking for others that have the similar things going on in their lives and wish to discuss that, and some are pursuing their dreams and seeking to make them a reality... there are so many reasons that someone sat down one day in front of their computer and started a blog.... Here is Doria's story within a story.....

**** After spending days talking to my friends, I wandered into a room with those same friends and I accidentally overheard their conversation... of which I was the topic of conversation. I knew, deep down, regretfully it was my mistake allowing myself to unfold from my neat shell.  I trusted my thoughts and feeling only to find myself in a very uncomfortable situation.  Of course their subject changed as soon as I appeared through that doorway.  I vowed then to not let myself pour out my feelings for those I trusted to only hear "isn't that weird?!"  
I have always been your typical "suffer in silence" type, not allowing myself to unleash my thoughts.  Don't get me wrong, my friends weren't technically in the wrong. I'd shared my thoughts and feelings with them alone and together.  It wasn't what they were saying, it was the way they said it. I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself because I'm a lost and confused mess.  I suffer within myself at times with my thoughts and feelings.  I never share because I don't want anyone else lost in this confusing mess.

(back to the story)
When this happened I said I'd blog about it.  It's as easy as hitting that little red X in the top right corner to get rid of me.  You see it up there? Don't hit it just yet!  You've made it this far!  I'm almost done!  Sheesh!  :)  So here we are, or here I am, again, spilling my beans.  Speaking of my babbles within. There is a chance I won't stop anytime soon. Just remember, there is always that red X up there, in the top RIGHT corner!  So, instead of bugging those I love. I'm bugging you dear bloggers and readers.  BUT lucky you, you never have to pretend to care. For those of you pretending to care, you're doing a good job!  For those reading that actually DO care, I love you too. Keep on blogging bloggers!  Where else can we release these thoughts?  Good day folks! *****

Doria's got the right idea here. Where else can we just release our thoughts? Thank you Doria! ♥


  1. *hugs* (to both of you!)

    @GoofyGirl - I'm glad that you enjoy reading Doria's blog as much as I do. She's awesome, isn't she?

    @Doria - I'm sorry to hear what was the reason that you started blogging but I'm very happy that you did. I do read your blog and I do care for you! *hugs hun*

  2. I have a Mac though! There's no red X on the right side of my screen! Now I don't know what to do.

  3. Cake Betch- I'm on a mac too (♥!), but I think it's better this way... 'cause why would anyone wanna close the screen anyway?! ;p

  4. @Doria: I hear you, girl. Blogging is a great way to get "stuff" out. And, it's cheaper than therapy. :)

  5. just to play devil's advocate...i notice that you did not tell us what you told them.