Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moving Right Along

Ok, so this last episode was awesome (it always is!).. but there weren't too many HOLY SHIT! Moments... I expect some of those soon...

HOWEVER... just in case you didn't notice:

.....that stuffed whale in the bag that Claire had with her, the one that Kate stole thinking there would be clothes she could change into....

It's the EXACT SAME WHALE that Kate had given Aaron....

wacky eh? :)

Next bit of randomness... 'cause you know everything that seems like a clue is usually just a mindfuck... but just for the sake of pointing it out... You know the weird Japanese guy, Dogen? Remember that baseball he was playing with...

there are .... (*insert dramatic music that means something super duper awesome is about to happen*).... 108 double stitches on a baseball!... (ok, go ahead & insert your own waa waa waaaaa ''let down'' sound. ) 

Seriously though... there is bound to be something to it. The damn camera focused on it REPEATEDLY. Maybe it was just a "hey Jack, ol' freaky Dogen is about to start throwing curve balls at ya"..... OR, maybe... just maybe... LOST is all about an anciect game of baseball, and Jacob & The Man in Black are oppposing team Captains trying to put together an amazing all star team... the numbers ( 4 8 15 16 23 42) are just the jersey numbers of the key players... 4= 1st base, 8= 2nd base, 15= 3rd base, 16=catcher/homeplate, 23= pitcher, 42=outfield.... yeah, that makes total sense! There you go, the mystery of LOST is SOLVED!! You can thank me later. 

Clearly I'm kidding....well... I was serious about the whole baseball Dogen was playing with. If there hasn't been massive amounts of speculation about that thing I'd be shocked. One could even draw a correlation between the baseball and that "test" Creepy Richard gave young Locke... there was a baseball glove involved.... (look to the lower right of the picture...).... I'm tellin' you, there is a damn clue in there! (And what do you wanna bet that vial contains the ash we've seen sprinkled about? We already know how the pocket watch comes into play.)

Lets just skip ahead to ol'Claire shall we? ... WTF? She's all feral now... heehee... she could be a Garbage Pail Kid! "Feral Claire"... It's like she sorta took over Roussou's crazy place. Which then makes one wonder... is THAT why Roussou was all bonkers? "The Sickness"? Roussou killed off all her buddies when she was young 'cause she thought THEY were sick, when really it was her? Maybe?
All I know is Claire looks like doo doo...


 Guess that's what happens when you kinda die when a bomb explodes, but no one realizes it... and you get to become a body host to the likes of Jacob or the Man in Black.... 'cause I don't know about you... but I don't think she's totally dead....

  Remember this scene?... and then remember how Miles gave that really weird look (same weird look he was giving Sayid after the whole dunking in the pool of awesome) ...and continued to... right up until she was in the jungle and abandoned Aaron to go hang with her Dad (you know, zombie Christian)

I really don't think she's totally dead. At least I'm not convinced of it yet.

There is that whole thing that no one really talks about in regards to making sure bodies are totally buried. I think if a body isn't buried... there's a chance they'll "come back."  AND maybe if they get possessed (for lack of better word) before they are totally dead... when/if they come back... THEN they have that "sickness"??? Maybe?

Anyway.. it's worth noting that the creepy as fuck Ethan is back... We knew him as Ethan Rom, but came to find out he was the son of Horace & Amy Goodspeed... either way, still totally creepy.

(seriously, ewwweeee!!! blech!!)
AND... anyone else catch the date on this print out?....

10-22-04 is the date in the upper right.... directly under the time that reads 09: 29: 42am..... now... Aaron was originally born on the island on day 42 ...which means Nov 2nd or 3rd depending on how they are counting... 'cause Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island on September 22nd 2004... soooo... are we expected to believe that everything is a month ahead of time? That sonograms suddenly print due dates on them? (I've been told they do not) That the props department fucked up? (I am kinda leaning towards that one to be honest.. they love to mess with us when they know we are looking for the littlest things...)

AND... just for fun... I would like to point out that I totally called the whole "Sawyer was gonna propose to Juliet thing...." and I have the text messages between myself and my friend Doug (with whom I watch the show with via txt messages at commercials... and random "WTF!!!'s" throughout) to prove it!

This was the give away....


and then there was the throw away........

.......and since I'm talking about rings... you all should have noticed by now that Desmond was wearing a wedding ring on the plane with Jack in Episode 1.


I've got 1001 theories and ideas running through my head... and more than half of them (shockingly!) are not totally far fetched... well... not in regards to LOST at least.... but to try to get them out is damn near impossible. I'm gonna try, but not tonight. :) Episode #4 is here in 2 days.... and I, personally, can barely wait! 

Before I go... just a few thoughts to think about:

Desmond apparently has some "abilities" that can supersede the time-space continuum. Soooo was he really on that plane?

Dogen had stated that it was very important that Sawyer return to the temple unharmed.... clearly there is a plan for our Losties.

Jack's tattoo... remember what it translates to?...."He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us."

I think that the whole thing about people having those deja vu moments... "do i know you" kinda things... or at least feel a sort of draw to certain people... it only happens in the new 2004 time line once they have interacted in the old 2004 timeline.

Like how Jack thought he knew Desmond on the plane... he HAD met Desmond before, at least in the old2004, when jogging at that stadium. (Now would be a good time to recall Des's line "See you in another life, brother.") So... when Kate bumped into Jack on the plane and stole his pen... he was just a dude with a pen she stole in new2004... but by the time she was in the cab... she was vaguely aware of him at least in old2004.
Same with Claire... as time progressed... you get what I'm saying right?

Like that time that Faraday went to go see Desmond when he was in the hatch and told him he had to go find his mother... then suuddenly Desmond wakes up in bed with Penny and is all "I gotta go do shit, peace out!" (ok, I paraphrased...)......

Ok.. really done... for now.
Have anything to add? PLEASE DO!!!


  1. Last episode was pretty blah. It didn't even inspire me to stay up all night thinking about it like usual, lol. So I have nothing.

  2. Oh and the chick who was going to adopt Aaron was such a letdown. I was pumped thinking it was going to be someone cool:(

  3. You know, I kinda thought so at first too... but we've gotten so used to slam-bam episodes that by goin' old school and taking us back to how it was in Season it feels weird... the clues are still there, just super subtle. I appreciate the break... but they better get back to the "slam-bam" soon! They've got some 'splainin' to do!
    BTW.. I too was TOTALLY bummed that the potential adoptive parents were no one of consequence. BUT... who knows... they could prove to be someone... maybe?... Just hope that gets tied up sooner rather than later. The show has A LOT of ground to cover before the two hour finale on May 23rd.

  4. I always thought that there were no actual adoptive parents at all and that the psychic just set Claire up to get stuck on the island so that she would have to raise Aaron herself... so the only thing that came out of that scene with the adoptive parent is that there really was someone in CA who should have been waiting to receive Aaron (unless the psychic told her to play it off like she was going to adopt him).

  5. Pink...all things are different in the new course of reality due to there being no island and no 'others' I believe. Or if they are running into others, like Ethan delivering Aaron, there are no ulterior motives like least that is what I am thinking right now, lol.

  6. Oh okay... this is so confusing! I was thinking that there was still an island, others, and Dharma, but no one from the point of Rousseau's ship on would ever have gotten there or trapped there. Because the bomb made it so that the incident never happened, but the people that were there pre-date the incident. There was an island, others and dharma (since they caused the incident) before the incident. Also the island had special properties that just weren't tapped into before the incident too right? I'm totally confused...

  7. I'm still wondering who the adoptive father was going to be.

    Not sure what the significance of the baseball is or could be, other than another easter egg.

    Also been thinking about how Sayid was the only one brought back to the island against his will. Seems a bit odd since Jacob is all about choice....

    Hoping tonight is more insightful than last week's episode was. The good news is that this was probably the last Kate-Centric show. At least I hope it was....cause I can't stand Kate.

    I'm sure there are significant things from the show last week, but I have a feeling that they aren't going to come to light until later on.