Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Same, But Different ... (just for fans of LOST)

Ok.. this blog is gonna take a wee digression for a few months. It's much easier to post things here as opposed to a "note" on facebook... so, if you care to comment (and I hope you do... 'cause I dig your feedback) just sign up for a free account and have at it. Seriously, MUCH easier to write everything and throw in pictures on this blog than anywhere else.

That said.. here I go:

I am not able to articulate everything at the moment, nor am I paying much attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling... or anything like that. I'm just trying to get the ideas and thoughts out as quickly as they come to me. I'm sure it'll be a bit of a mess, but those of you reading this, due to your love of LOST, I know you are smart cookies anyway and will figure it out.

(for the love of all things damn hot and sexy.. please notice Mr. Eko's face in the middle of the far right. Thank you Jeebus!)

Season 6 Premiere; Episodes 1 & 2:

M'kay, check it out.... the plane they were on in Season 6 episode 1 is flying in 2004. 2004 is when Oceanic 815 crashed.... after that the "Oceanic 6" (Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, & Aaron) left the island, the frozen donkey wheel got turned, and the island disappeared back to the 70's (god that must sound so dumb to anyone crazy enough to read this shit and not watch the show)... AFTER THREE YEARS the Oceanic 6 went back to the island and all but Sun (plus Ben, Locke, & Lapidus) went to 1977... soooo when Juliet tried to detonate the bomb... it was 1977... Still following me? Right, so... when everyone comes to and realizes they are still on the island... THOSE people are in 2007. SO... in these "parallel universes" that everyone seems to be living in... there is currently just a three year difference now.

HOWEVER... if you noticed, the 1st episode started with a flash to Juliet goin' down the hole, and the white light and all.. then *BOOM* Jack is on the plane with other Losties in 2004. NEXT... AGAIN... The whole Juliet down the hole, "bomb go *boom*" happens again and everyone wakes up in 2007 on the island......... what if these time lines AREN'T running parallel... what if we are just viewing NEW earlier times with the current LATER times... and everything done in 2004 could potentially effect what happens in 2007. Like if...I dunno... Kate gets a bad cut on her arm in 2004... then in the 2007 world it will show up on her arm too. Either as a scar or maybe partially healed or something? ... Which could explain the blood on Jacks neck on the airplane.... maybe. Honestly though... I'm thinking that these two time lines aren't going to intersect with each other at all. The show is enough of a mind fuck as it is.

OR.... maybe we are gonna see NEW reasons for the Losties to board another plane again (the Ajira flight in 2007?) Basically... what ever happened, happens! 2004 flight has no need to crash... 'cause 2007 Losties are already there.... if the Losties are meant to meet... they will.

I'm being totally confusing aren't I? Sorry... I am very confused myself right now.

Oh.. and the whole thing about Miles telling Sawyer that Juliet said "it worked."... Ok.. try to follow this wacky theory.. what if right as "2007 Juliet" was dying... you know when she was saying that weird shit about getting together for coffee with Sawyer? What if she was actually in 2004, alive? Maybe Juliet's consciousness was kinda in another place and Sawyer snapped her out of it briefly.. but what if that  "very important" thing she was trying to tell him was that they WOULD be together?.. or that they are together, just in another timeline? Shit.. I'm not making sense again. I know what I'm trying to say, I am just having a hell of a hard time articulating it. Ok.. trying again...What if in that exact moment, that date, that time.. only 3 years earlier.. Juliet was meeting Sawyer and they were having that conversation... then Sawyer made her pop back into full consciousness in 2007 and that's why she told him she had something important to tell him. (Like remember that whole thing with Charlotte and Faraday when she was dying and talking about not being allowed to have chocolate? It hadn't happened yet with Farady, 'cause he didn't flash to the 70's yet... but she was telling him they DID meet) It also could explain why Miles was all freaky about saying it to Sawyer.

I think Sayid is still Sayid, but maybe also kinda Jacob.. still a crackpot theory, I know.. but anything having to do with this show results in that anyway. I'm just throwing it out there. At the moment of death.. I think people will now pop between timelines. No flashes forwards or backwards.. just sideways. Whatever.. Jacob's body was no longer in the fire... so SOMETHING happened.

AND... Miles totally knew Sayid wasn't completely dead... or he would have gone to him to see what he had to say... MAYBE dead Jacob just took over Sayid? Same way the Man in Black took over Locke. IN FACT... WHAT IF... THAT is why Christian Shephard was wandering around the island (and off the island)? Either Jacob or the Man in Black could have taken over the body... just a thought... (it also explains a lot of the other random people coming back to life/appearing as ghosts.)

  Lets try something different.. that whole "island underwater" thing... c'mon! that was AWESOME! The even had a Dharma shark swim by!! You could  see all of the area where the Others lived.. even swing sets! (Plus the Taweret's foot...btw... you should totally click that link and read it, specifically the last paragraph... then recall that moment when the Man in Black/Fake Locke says to Creepy Richard that it's nice to see him out of his chains.)



Also... I wanna point out how funny I thought it was that Frogurt was sleeping (with an eye mask no less) between Locke & Boone on the flight ... (and Artz talked to Hurley :) )

And... Sayid's passport/papers.... they not only show me that I am just over a month older than him (weird!)... but... I dunno, see for yourself and tell me if YOU see anything of note...  ;p :
(click here for a much larger shot of the passport)
 hmm... and ... what's up Rose?!... way to try to tell us something!!:

and yet more things I noticed:

Charlie (YEA!! Charlie came back as predicted!!) is still wearing his "DriveShaft" ring... and they made a point of making sure we noticed...
(as well as noticing that his fingers are TOTALLY gross...)
And that moment when Kate bumped into Jack while coming out of the airplane bathroom... duh! that's totally where she got the pen to take the handcuffs off... 'cause remember when Jack was all "I need a pen! I had one, but I don't know where it went" ? Yup.. Kate took it (the lil' thief!!) I would have laughed my ass off if Boone came back with a handful of pens... you know, like in the 1st season when Jack is trying to save Rose and Boone does that? Pthfft! Whatever, I find stuff like that funny.

You know that book Desmond was reading on the plane? It was "Haroun and the Sea of Stories" by Salman's about a city so old that it's name has been forgotten (hmmm... kinda like ye ol' island eh?). There's also an electromagnetic device intended to destroy the ocean, which seems kinda like the island's final resting place in this timeline....)

 Annnnnd....the book found in the backpack in the cave outside the temple was "Fear and Trembling" by Kierkegaard.... it was originally published in 1843 with the pseudonym Johannes de silentio ... which means ... wait for it!......"John the Silent." The title apparently comes from a Bible quote, "Try to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Philippians 2:12. The book presents a totally controversial interpretation of the 'Binding of Isaac' story as told in Genesis (Chapter 22), and uses the story as an occasion to discuss fundamental issues in moral philosophy and the philosophy of religion, such as the nature of God and faith, faith's relationship with ethics and morality, and the difficulty of being authentically religious. (The bible is probably the one book I'll never sit down and read...besides, I already know how it ends :) )

 Random tidbits... either noticed or remembered:

*Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sun, & Sayid were all adults when Jacob interacted with them. Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet were kids.

*Jack's deja vu on the plane with Desmond makes TOTAL sense... 'cause they met when jogging at that stadium a while back.

*Juliet taking the rock to the bomb was shown TWICE.. which tells us that there are TWO realities. Side by side universes... just 3 years off from each other.

 *The ankh in Hurley's guitar case... an ankh is considered the symbol of life... just puttin' it out there.

*The temple that Sayid was taken to... it's same one that Richard took Ben to when Sayid SHOT BEN... remember?!!

Now some random predictions:

You know how Ben & Widmore can't kill each other.....why? I think they were both injured at some point, and it clearly was that same pool they dipped Sayid in that healed them..  the consequences (which we were told there could/would be) were that they could not kill another that had been healed by the pool. Crazy theory.. sure! But WTF?!  Anything goes now!

I think there's gonna be a meeting between Widmore and Desmond... and that weird bottle of scotch (or whatever it was) might finally be cracked open. ... and the truth is... I freakin' want some!

I think there is gonna be a wacky connection between Claire & Sayid soon... they are like the only two that don't have a connection that I recall... so... watch for it.

Jack gave Locke his business card and told him to come see him for a free consultation.... (aren't most consultations free???) ... now, Locke has pride, and is pretty sure that his condition (unable to walk) is permanent, Jack doesn't think so and even says "Nothing is permanent" (that's a clue people!)... I don't think Locke will willingly go to Jack, BUT... I do think something PLUS fate will take him there. Sorta like how last season he got in that car accident and ended up with Jack as his doctor... Maybe he's gonna get in another car accident and end up with Jack again? What? It could happen!

I KNOW Libby is coming back.. so I think we might actually get to see Libby & Hurley date... YEA!!!! 'Cause if it can't be me & Hurley... I'm soooo down with it being Libby. Love her.

Speaking of Hurley... he & Miles both talk to dead people ... but Hurley like totally has full on conversations with them... so I think he's about to play a much bigger role than he already does. Like Richard for example... we are bound to find out soon enough that either he was a slave and/or on the Black Rock. (You know, the ship in the forest)... and he clearly was not alone, so Hurley could maybe help Richard and talk to some of his dead buddies... or even family... maybe? (Still workin' through thoughts on all that...)

I am 100% totally and fully convinced that each person has a number associated with them..... and that only certain people have THE numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42), I'm also convinced that those people are Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun (or Jin), and Sayid...... but I'm NOT totally convinced about that part... YET.

The two timelines are similar only in the sense that the characters are the same, but things are just slightly tweaked.  You know.. same, but different. Example: on the plane Jin tells Sun to button her sweater.... he did the exact same thing to her right after the first crash when they were on the beach. Kate is still a fugitive, but maybe it wasn't her step father she blew up in the new time line... what if was just some other poor schmo in the house that night? The final season is NOT about time travel... it's about the ramifications of trying to alter the past/present/future... and how "what happens, happens"... course correction.

Bottom line: I think the two time lines stand alone. These characters are intrinsically linked to each other, and always, somehow, find a connection. Now it is up to us to just sit back and watch it unfold. The stories within the time lines can help guide us to why/how everything is happening... but really... just like life... it's all about the ride. We're gonna get there... SUNDAY May 23rd 2010 to be exact. (how wrong is it that my brain instantly went "THAT'S ONE OF THE NUMBERS!!" ?)

And finally... Sayid is still hot as hell, I still want to nibble on Miles' lips.. and my crush on Hurley has  grown exponentially... plus he really does have the best damn lines.


  1. I like a lot of what ya said here. But, one item I'll take issue with is that Jacob is partially/fully inhabiting Sayid. I think the fact that Jacob was already dead is the reason the spring had the unusual color and is sort of "on the fritz." His live presence on the island was what made it work, and work correctly. Now it's gonna be like Pet Sematary and our guy Sayid might be a bit, um, different.

    Also, I read that when Jack comes back to his row and Desmond is in the seat one over, the row number is one of Hugo's #s... not that I caught it myself!

  2. Oh, and have you decided what you're calling the mean fella? Some call him "Jacob's nemesis" and a guy on Slate refers to him as "Smokey Locke", but for now my fave is "Flocke" which I think my friend Cheryl came up with and is short for fake Locke...

  3. I'm not totally a fan of the idea that Sayid has any bit of Jacob in him... but with this show you never know. However, it's not a "theory" I'm stickin' with.

    As for the name of the man in black... people and forums everywhere are calling him MIB or Flocke. I liked it back when I was callin' him Esau... but I think we'll get his real name soon enough... so I don't wanna get used to any name for him just yet. THOUGH... I'm thinking that MAYBE... he's not so mean.. just angry. We'll find out that soon enough too. :)

  4. Hey Gilly, great post!!!! I was wondering if you think that Desmond is still time traveling? We see him in that one scene but then he just disappears from the seat he was sharing with Jack.

    I asked you if you ever saw the last season of Felicity because throughout the show she has to choose between two guys, Noel (the pilot who died on LOST) and another guy who's name I don't remember. She chose one but wished she chose the other and the show kind of has 2 endings. A time travel person allowed her to go back and choose the other guy. But both endings were exactly the same. I LOVED it because no matter what direction she took she ended in the same place. I'm wondering if Lost is going in the same direction since they are both JJ Abrams shows.


  5. BTW I'm totally Team MIB! Jacob is an asshole and I've hated him since season 2 (even though we didn't see him). During his exchange on last season's finale with MIB, I thought MIB was more of a sympathetic character and Jacob seemed to just want to play games with people's lives.

  6. I put up a link under the picture of Sayid's passport of a larger image of it.. since I'm thinking y'all aren't seeing what I saw....

  7. Here is my question from facebook...So with the island under water in 1977 and everyone there dead, what will be changing in the alternate reality of the plane not crashing? *head hurts writing that* I am trying to think why that would affect Shannon and Desmond not being where they are suppose to be. Also, was Widmore and pregnant Hawking on the island at the time of the explosion?

    I don't think Jack and Desmond are any longer connected by that day at the stadium. I think it is deeper than that.

    Also my other question...Smokey is suppose to equal the man in black. Ashes are suppose to protect you from Smokey. The man in black could not kill Jacob with his won hands. So then why did Jacob's cabin have the ash ring around it to protect him from something that couldn't hurt him?

    What importance will Ilana play in all of this?

  8. Oh and are you talking about the passport being from Iran? I don't think that is much of a deal, unless I am missing something.

  9. ok... in the alternate reality of 2007... I REALLY do believe that it is a "same, but different" situation.

    You know ... like how I was saying Kate was still under arrest, only I don't think in this new reality it's for killing her stepfather.

    We know Claire is preggers... but maybe she's not planning to give the baby up? Maybe it won't be Aaron?

    Maybe Ben isn't even on the island! What if he grew up off the island and like works as a car mechanic , or like a teacher or something? Oh, wait! I like that! What if he's WALT'S teacher? haha! I don't think Walt will be back though, the kid that played him is waaay too grown up to reprise his role. They'll have to find a substitute if they want Walt back.

    I think Jacob or the Man in Black is Illana's Dad... it actually makes A LOT of sense.

    I think there will be a connection between Lennon & Sun/Jin... or Widmore.

    I fully think that Sayid is just alive again.. you know, resurrected and all. Not possessed by Jacob or the Man in Black.

    When the !@#$% are Jack & Claire gonna do the whole "I'm your brother, you're my sister!" thing?

    ...and the whole underwater thing... I think its underwater only in the 2007 timeline... you know... again... same but different. The island is still there, but underwater in 2007. NOT in 2004

  10. OH!! Almost forgot!!...
    Sawyer... he's not a bad guy in 2007. 2004 he's gonna be all angry and pissy like he was in season 1... but I'm puttin' my money on the idea that in 2007 world he's like a good guy.. maybe even a cop.

  11. Interesting stuff Jillian with a G. Here's a little piece of my brain.

    A) This island is Atlantis. I'm saying it everywhere, because people refuse to believe that. Almost ready to write a note that says "I wish you believed me." (Not really.)

    B) Your boy Sayid is full out, under the control of Jacob now. - and I'll go into that in a little bit-

    C) I think the healing pool thinger is dark because the last person to be healed in it, was that little bastard Ben. Also think that when Ben was healed, Nemesis Dude got into him a bit. I think- and I could be wrong- but I think that Ben got a little of that guy in him, and they somehow got Nemesis Dude out and trapped him in the cabin that Horace built. And when Ben brought Locke there, Ben "inadvertantly" kicked the circle of ash, which freed Smokey.

    Now for your boy Sayid. First off, I never noticed that his passport was from Iran. I do think that is quite significant. (And if that's what you are referencing, good catch, cause I missed that.) If Sayid is now Iranian instead of Iraqi, then in the alt. timeline, Sayid hasn't met Kelvin, and never becomes a torturing bad-ass.

    This ties into why I think Sayid is now Jacob's avatar.

    Recall, "there is a war coming".

    Well, Jacob seems to be put into a very "Jesus like" light. Acknowledging that people have choices to make, and hoping they make the right ones, all the way down to not fighting back when he's killed, AND that he's killed by a person, not another deity type, etc.

    Now, for once being forced to go to Church every Sunday at 8 a.m. until I was 18 finally does me some good. (lol) -

    Ok, so we have a war coming, one that is supposed to be pretty significant. You have Jacob cast in the Jesus like light- and then you have to take one more step.

    If this war that is coming is going to be so big that whichever side wins will have enough power to have a significant impact on the rest of the world- then this war is akin to Armageddon.

    And when that stuff is supposed to happen....

    Good Ol' Jesus comes back. But he comes back as a warrior, to fight in that war.

    In the time line that is still playing out on the island, Sayid is a baaaad ma'ama-jamma. The kind of soldier who heartlessly and ruthlessly carries out his orders, even if that entails shooting a child in the chest.

    We can kind of deduce that Smocke (My fake Locke name) is heading to The Temple. He thinks Jacob is dead and completely gone, but is going to get there and find one very pissed off Iraqi mofo. One of those guys who knows how to break every bone in your body, twice. (Reminds me of me, except with long, girly hair and much darker skin.)

    As far as Jacob's body not being in the fire anymore- think about this:

    The fire in the middle of the room is burning nothing but ash. I suspect that the fire we've seen burning since being introduced to the room under Reptile Lady's foot, has actually been Jacob the entire time. The dude isn't bound by time after all, so it is possible that the fire burning is a sign that Jacob knows he is going to be killed. If Ben made the right choice, I think the fire would have gone out. Then Jacob could smack that Locke Lookin Motherfugger around the place and be all like "I ain't scurred a no stupid smoke. It's time I go medieval on your ass, you arrogant deity douche bag. The Humans are alright!"

    In fact, if they don't make that happen, I'm quitting this show. (Kidding. Obviously I just want someone to go medieval on stupid frickin Kate, who- btw- in the alt timeline, I think still winds up with Aaron. I think her little episode with the gun and the cab is going to send Claire into premature labor, and Kate is gonna bounce with the kid, because Kate sucks and I frigging hate her.)

    Give me time, and my responses might start being longer than your blog entries. Seems all I do is write about this show.

  12. ok... some of you caught the whole Iraq/Iran thing... but you're still missing something else. How about if I give you a screen shot of Sayid holding his passport from an earlier season? :

  13. Are you talking about the picture of Nadia?

    It is exactly the same as the other one, which could mean that it is his fate to fall for her, or it could mean that something manipulated their meeting.

  14. Look at his hands... specifically the fingernails.

    Sayid (and this is NOT just because I adore him that I noticed, he's kinda "known" for this oddity) usually has bizarrely long fingernails, and they are (even on the island) usually looking rather well kept... not so much now. It may not seem like much right now.. but damnit! It's a clue!!
    I can't help it, my eyes, when this show is on, are trained to now pick up on even the slightest of nuances.

  15. ... and another thing... the whole Jacob in the cab with Hurley... he knew Hurley could talk to dead people... so THAT is why he wanted Hurley on the island. Jacob knew Hurley would come in handy.. and he probably also knew he'd be killed... which is why he needed Hurley to convey messages for him.
    I'm tellin' you, Hurley is gonna play a much bigger role in that arena this season. AND.. I still think Hurley is gonna talk to someone from creepy Richard's past, and THAT is how we are gonna get some clues as to who/what creepy Richard is.

  16. It might not be the popular opinion, but I don't think Sayid is Jacob's avatar. If you look at the people that Smokey-Locke (Smock) took the form of, he just took their form and did not take over their bodies (Real-Locke ended up on the beach and Dr. Shephard was left in Australia - unless that was a result of the alternate reality). Sayid's body is regenerated - he gets up and walks, therefore, not pure deity. He may be somewhat under the influence of Jacob, but he is not Jacob living in a Sayid shell.

    Still have to question why Desmond is on the flight. Since he is there, it means the island does not exist (in the number-crunching, electromagnetic field popping way we know it) and hasn't for a long time - probably more than 3 years. How long was Desmond in the Hatch? The realities would have to have split before he got to the island.

    Gotta go watch --