Saturday, February 20, 2010

Split Happens

Ok.. ready for this one? I hope so! My brain is goin' totally ape shit right now.... so..... go ahead and click "play" on the wee video... it's just audio, and it's 1 min. 45 sec. long... it'll make a nice intro to this insanity I'm about to throw at you all, plus it's done by Michael Giacchino who does all the original music on LOST....

Ok... ready? Here we go.
The island is not "normal". What I believe it is... (am I really typing this?!) is a sort of portal to multiple dimensions, as well as the jumping off point for multiple lines within dimensions.. such as the 4th dimension. (Shiiiit, the season is called "LA X".. what if the "X" is a roman numeral? That'd be "10"....the 10th dimension?)
This is NOT an easy thing to explain, AT ALL... but, if you could PLEASE take the time to watch these two videos (and I'll admit it, you might want to watch them more than once)... they are going to make A LOT of sense.
Seriously, watch them... pay close attention to when the branching off and jumping through of time w/in the 4th, 5th, & 6th dimension takes place... tell me that doesn't ring a bell.
AND... the whole snake like tube of life that is described... and the WAY it's described.. try to tell me it doesn't make you question what the smoke monster actually is.... OR those random voices heard in the woods.

What if the island is a sort of meeting place for multiple dimensions, and a branching off point for them as well (like the way the 4th dimension is described... with multiple sideways lives.  What if THAT is why the island is being used by Jacob & MIB/Docke (that's what I'm callin' 2007 Locke now... dead Locke= Docke... also assuming he is MIB, more on that in a moment).. AND when we revisit their original conversation:

MIB: They fight. They destroy. They Corrupt. It always ends the same.

Jacob: It only ends once. Everything that happens before that is just progress.

well... damn, just watch the videos and tell me if you are thinking the same things I am... even remotely.

So... imagine our LOSTIES... as 3 dimensional beings... in a 4th (or even 5th, 6th etc..) dimensional world, (well.. island)  where other dimensions pass through. Like that cantina in Star Wars know, where everyone was hangin' out...

You get it? All the dimensions cross paths... but if the only dimension you know and are aware of is the one you have been living... why in the world would you be looking for/at anything else? It wouldn't ever cross your mind that while you may very well be sitting where you are reading this, RIGHT NOW this very second... you are also wandering along the beach in Jamaica, celebrating some big promotion you got at work... and you are also eating a meal with a person you love at a bistro in Paris... it is ALL happening RIGHT NOW. Sideways lives. BUT... because the island is "special".... there are strange moments where I think sideways lives can jump from one line to another.

Hang on.. I'm gonna try a diagram here:

click this link for a bigger picture of my fancy schmancy (albeit totally made up on the spot just as a random example) diagram :)

Now think about it... remember when Locke was shot by Ben & left to die in the pit? Walt appeared to him... and not only was that a "WTF?!" moment.. but why was Walt all dripping wet and dribbling water like he was drowning?...has Walt, in one of his sideways lives, been on the island, time traveled to the 70's, and when the bomb went off... it sank and he died? Were we seeing a sideways Walt mere moments before he died? Just like how Charlotte was mumbling something about not being able to eat chocolates to Faraday... a conversation that never would have happened if they didn't eventually flash to the 70s. I think in people's moments of death they are able to glimpse their "other lives". Julia did it too when she told Sawyer "it worked." She was trying to tell him that in a sideways life they are together. I just think Walt had a special power to project himself too......Whatever.. it's just a guess....maybe using Walt was a bad example. He was just the first name that popped in my head.

(this is a 3D shadow of a tesseract (a 4D cube essentially) rotating around a plane in 4 dimensional space)

Now, what if Jacob & MIB are beings that are able to alter things "just so" to see what outcome will arise? What if those moments in time when Jacob touched one of our Losties is when he changed things? What if THOSE touches were the moment lives split (folded over) And MIB doesn't think it's right to try to alter things...

It's an age old story, told many times, in many ways... but lets say it like this... the end of the human world is inevitable. Why, how, or when it will happen we just don't know... but someone has faith that things can be changed. The question then becomes "what" or more directly "who" the variables are. Over the years, through many trials and errors, people have been "tested"... they were all candidates. Through process of elimination they have been "released" (for lack of better word) and able to either go back to a good life...or.... sometimes I think it is because they atoned for all they did wrong in their lives... 'cept for that one asshat "Keamy"....

I swear to god if they bring him back... I don't care what form... I want to see him get the living shit beat out of him by Smokey again... in fact I'd like to see his head ripped off and his innards fed to rabid polar bears while he's being burned alive. HATED him! (You realize, this means the guy playing Keamy was a REALLY good actor if he was able to make me detest him that much... so kudos to actor Kevin Durand for playing a total douchebag: Martin Keamy.
(btw: the name Martin comes from the Latin "Martinus," which means "Servant of Mars" or "Servant of War" and in Mayan Astrology, the sign KIMI, pronounced the same way as Martin's last name, means DEATH.... man the writers of LOST are awesome!)

Anyway.. as I was saying... the smoke monster seems to judge people right before they die... OR sometimes it just kills 'um (look what happened to Brahm in the we know if he was actually a douche?)... maybe the smoke monster just sorta eliminates people when their time is up on the island... they are no longer a variable that needs worrying about... or MAYBE... the smoke monster is a 4th (or higher) dimensional "better" version of the actual person it is killing? Who the fuck knows?! I'm just making guesses here. What if Jacob is the smoke monster? What if Jacob & MIB are the same person... but.. not.   I mean... same person, but in another dimension they were split. What if they were the "original" split? One acts/believes one way, one the other (one black, one white...)... but on the island they meet.. and on the island they must determine which one gets to just go home and go back to their life. Hence the reason they can't kill each other... it would be considered suicide. Get it? Did that make sense?  Like how a lot of us joke that it would be cool to go back in time and give our teenage selves a good talkin' to... but what would you do if YOU walked in your own room right now and started talking to you? You're both you.. so who is right, who is wrong? Both of YOU exist... what do you do? Catch my drift? And if you try to kill YOU.. you are killing yourself. Quite a conundrum eh?

Just for the record... If I showed up in my own house and started talking to'd go something like this:
Me: you should really clean your room
Me: fuck you, you clean your room
Me: I don't want to clean my room
Me: I don't want to either
Me: fine
Me: whatever
Me: want some tea?
Me: love some!
Me: how about some Strawberry Twizzlers?
Me: you know me so well!!!

Maybe This could explain Widmore/Ben ... maybe, just maybe.... the ol' pool of awesome does something that alters who you are. Hence the reason Richard had said, when he took young Ben to be healed, that he wouldn't remember any of this, and he would never be the same again... what if everyone that was dipped in the pool sorta got "parts" of all the others that were dipped in the pool... but the reason it was all dark and murky now was because too many people that were "dark" on the inside had used it, and anyone that used it now ran the risk of being "infected" with it... like "the sickness."

Random thought... WHAT IF... Docke is NOT MIB ...  and MIB is NOT Smokey. BUT... Docke IS Smokey? Maybe we just haven't seen MIB lately.....I really don't think MIB is a bad guy to be honest with I said, just a random thought... but I like it. (...they did show us a red herring last season... just sayin'....)

This all started when I was playing around with a piece of newspaper I had ripped up to put in the woodburning stove. I was kind of impressed that it tore in such a straight line and was looking at it when my phone rang. I went to stand up to go grab the phone and for some reason was holding onto the paper as if I was making a circle out of it... only I had twisted it before it connected. I stared at it for a moment, ignored the phone, and racked my brain trying to remember what that was called. I knew it had a name... I just couldn't remember it. So, I did what most people in this day and age do... I googled it... or tried... then it popped in my head! Sadly I have a strange way of remembering things via word association, 'cause at that moment a snippet of song came on the TV:

...and I was like "Moby! Möbius strip!!" So I googled know, to see if I was right, I was.

So... I sat there and looked at it, and my brain actually had this following thought "man, I'd hate to be stuck on a road like that"... and then, of course, I thought about LOST... 'cause I think about that show way too much. And there I was thinking it reminded me of LOST... and I was all impressed that I changed the dimensions of something (I'm easily pleased).. and POOF... new theory was born....

This multiple lives via other dimensions explains the hell out of things like how Mile's Dad/Dr. Chang has a bunch of different names (Candle, Wickmund, Halliwax), and because if all these dimensions and their weirdness exist (congregate) on the island, it kinda makes sense. Like Dr. Chang missing his hand, then NOT missing a hand (but still always a Dr.). Who is to say that we are experiencing just ONE time line. What if it is multiple time lines running sideways/along side at the same time? Would you really be shocked if the writers were fucking with us like that? I wouldn't be. Nor would I be mad.. at this point I think I'd just be like... "Duuuuuuude! WTF!? Nice one!"

Look.. my brain hurts.. I'm gonna go read some sort of trashy chick-lit book and go to bed. I'm TIRED!! What normal person just randomly starts reading about multi-dimensions and their relation to time, on a Friday night!?! I'll tell you who... someone who is ALSO trapped on an island and feeling like she is being judged for sins in her past life. Apparently I was an AWFUL person. Maybe I was Keamy in my last life? It's the only thing that could explain stuff.

Anyway... check out the videos when you have a chance, let me know what you think... and PLEASE speak up. It's cool as hell to me that you'd even take the time to read what I have to say. Seriously, THANK YOU!... but if you don't say anything, I'll never know you were here! Even if you disagree 110%, I DO want to hear it. I will be the very first to admit I could be wrong about EVERYTHING, so..  PLEASE Feed my brain and anyone elses that may be reading all this... THANK YOU!

one last thing.........
read this quick synopses on Einstein's theory of Special Relativity (trust me.. read it, knowledge is good for you!)... and ALSO this page... and take REALLY good note of the name!
& BTW.. 99% convinced that random kid in the woods is NOT Jacob.
More later, my brain is spent right now :)

PS... just found this while looking for a picture to use in this's a snippet of an interview from Entertainment Weekly, this has already been published... so, obviously, no spoilers... BUT... don't read it if you are afraid it'll ruin anything! (I've made it so you have to highlight the text to read it and can't be "accidentally spoiled":

EW: The whole idea of flash-sideways and the plan to use season 6 to show us a world where Oceanic 815 never crashed — how long has that been in the works? Why did you want to do it?

DAMON LINDELOF: It’s been in play for at least a couple of years. We knew that the ending of the time travel season was going to be an attempt to reboot. And as a result, we [knew] the audience was going to come out of the “do-over moment” thinking we were either going start over or just say it didn’t work and continue on. [We thought] wouldn’t it be great if we did both? That was the origin of the story.

CARLTON CUSE: We thought just doing one [of those options] would inherently not be satisfying. Since the very beginning of the show, characters started crossing through each other’s stories. Part of our desire [in season 6] is to show that there’s still this kind of weave, that these characters still would have impacted each other’s lives even without the event of crashing on the Island. Obviously, the big question of the season is going to be: How do these [two timelines] reconcile? However, for the fans who have not watched the show closely, that’s an intact narrative. You can just watch the flash sideways — they stand alone all by themselves. For the fans who are more deeply embedded in the show, you can watch those flash sideways, compare them to what transpired in the flashbacks and go, “Oh, that’s an interesting difference.”

LINDELOF: Right out of the gate, in the first five minutes of the premiere, you get hit over the head with two things that you’re not expecting. The first is that Desmond is on the plane. The second thing that we do is we drop out of the plane and we go below the water and we see that the Island is submerged. What we’re trying to do there is basically say to you, “God bless the survivors of Oceanic 815, because they’re so self-centered, they thought the only effect [of detonating the bomb] was going to be that their plane never crashes.” But they don’t stop to think, “If we do this in 1977, what else is going to affected by this?” So that their entire lives can be changed radically. In fact, it would appear that they’ve sunken the Island. That’s our way of saying, “Keep your eyes peeled for the differences that you’re not expecting.” Some of these characters were still in Australia, but some weren’t. Shannon’s not there. Boone actually says that he tried to get her back. There are all sorts of other people that we don’t see. Where’s Libby? Where’s Ana Lucia? Where’s Eko? These are all the things that you’re supposed to be thinking about. When our characters posited the “What if?” scenario, they neglected to think about what the other effects of potentially changing time might be and we’re embracing those things.

That said, are you saying definitively that detonating Jughead was the event that created this new timeline? Or is that a mystery which the season 6 story will reveal?

LINDELOF: It’s a mystery. A big one.

CUSE: We did have some concern that it might be confusing kind of going into the season. To clear that up a little bit: The archetypes of the characters are the same and that’s the most significant thing. Kate is still a fugitive. If you were to look at the Comic-Con video, for instance, that now comes into play. There was a different scenario in that story. She basically blew up an apprentice plumber as opposed to killing her biological father/stepfather. Those kind of differences exist, but who the characters fundamentally are is the same. If it becomes too confusing for you, you can just follow the flash sideways for what they are. It’s not as though there’s narrative that hangs on the fact that you need to know that this event was different in that world, in the flashback world versus the sideways world. That’s not critical for being able to process the narrative this season.

Is there a relationship between Island reality and sideways reality? Will they run parallel for the remainder of the season? Will they fuse together? Might one fade away?

LINDELOF: For us, the big risk that we’re taking in the final season of the show is basically this very question. [Lindelof then explains the show has replaced the trademark “whoosh!” sound effect marking the segue between Island present story and flashbacks or flash-forwards, thus calling conspicuous attention to the relationship between the Island world and the Sideways world.] This is the critical mystery of the season, which is, “What is the relationship between these two shows?” And we don’t use the phrase “alternate reality,” because to call one of them an “alternate reality” is to infer that one of them isn’t real, or one of them is real and the other is the alternate to being real.

CUSE: But the questions you’re asking are exactly the right questions. What are we to make of the fact that they’re showing us two different timelines? Are they going to resolve? Are they going to connect? Are they going to co-exist in parallel fashion? Are they going to cross? Do they intersect? Does one prove to be viable and the other one not? I think those are all the kind of speculations that are the right speculations to be having at this point in the season.

LINDELOF: But it is going to require patience. We’ve taught the audience how to be patient thus far, so while they’re getting a lot of mythological answers on the island early in the season, this idea of what is the relationship between the two [worlds] is a little bit more of a slow burn.

Did Jughead really sink the Island? And is it possible that the Sideways characters are now caught in a time loop in which they might have to go back in time and fulfill the obligation to continuity by detonating the bomb?

LINDELOF: These questions will be dealt with on the show. Should you infer that the detonation of Jughead is what sunk the island? Who knows? But there’s the Foot. What do you get when you see that shot? It looks like New Otherton got built. These little clues [might help you] extrapolate when the Island may have sunk. Start to think about it. A couple of episodes down the road, some of the characters might even discuss it. We will say this: season 6 is not about time travel. It’s about the implications, the aftermath, and the causality of trying to change the past. But the idea of continuing to do paradoxical storytelling is not what we’re interested in this year.

GOODNIGHT!!!  ♥ Gillian


  1. Gillian, I don’t often post commentary here as I feel you do such an outstanding and thorough job there simply isn’t a reason to do so. However, I really feel you are on the right track your current line of reasoning and I will stay tuned to see if the Multiverse theory plays out (a probabilistic theory where all possible variations are playing out in parallel: Gillian is alive/Gillian is dead, Gillian is white/Gillian is black, Gillian is awesome/Gillian is more awesome, etc…). I was reading an article on closed time-like curves in space due to extreme warping and it made me think of our Losties and your hypothesis that they are recurring pawns in some cosmic chess match. Here is a snippit from a section that was discussing that while outcomes are clearly fixed there is the opportunity for theme variation within the set of events leading up to each future-moment:

    "There may be more than one consistent set of things that could happen at the various events in space-time, but one and only one set of things actually does occur. Consistent stories happen; inconsistent ones do not. The vexing part is understanding what forces us to play along."

    Additionally, to borrow your use of the Mobius as a visual aid to this abstraction if a person were to have traversed the strip via a particular trajectory but simply altered their path they would, of course, wind up in the same place where they started but would have taken a different journey (at the atomic level even) which can be considered “change”. However, this Mobi-Man/Woman would have also seen their future an infinite number of times and would make certain choices because they are bound by the laws of physics to do so:

    "We would therefore have to abandon the concept of determinism, the idea that the state of the universe at any one time determines the state at all other times. We would also have to abandon free will- because witnessing part of our future history implies some amount of predestination."

    I think we will find you are once again proven right and you can have all my strawberry twizzler pieces that I sue for Lost Bingo :)

  2. Basically I just wanted to say I really appreciate these blogs you do. They actually help me get my mind right after watching the biggest "mindfuck" show in the history of TV.
    I agree with a lot of your ideas..not all but A LOT!!
    I really like the theory you got goin here. Especially about Jacob and MIB being the same person. Good shit. Keep it up!!