Sunday, May 23, 2010

But Before I Go.....

I do have a bucket list... I have had the same one, on the same piece of paper since I was about 7 years old... across the top, in green magic marker,  it reads "Things To Do Before I Die" (is that morbid for a 7 year old?) I have added to it, I have erased things I no longer cared to do (example: I believe around age 12 or 13 I decided that punching Bozo the Clown in the face for never sending my brother and I tickets to his show when we were little was a good goal... though, I might still kinda want to flip him off for that one.) The paper is now old, very wrinkled from all the times I decided the list was useless and didn't want it any more so I crumpled it up and flung it in the trash... only to fish it out the next day (or sooner).
I pulled it out the other day to look at some the hundred or so items on it, thinking I should rewrite it. Maybe make a new one... eliminate all the things I crossed off already. Then it occurred to me that the lines crossed off were actually the most important parts of this list.

I'm going to share the first 20 lines with you: (keep in mind... I was like 7 years old when this list started)

1. Visit Scotland
2. Move to and live in Scotland
3. Find happiness
4. Buy a house on Martha's Vineyard island
5. Write a book
6. Get published
7. Meet a President
8. Meet Superman
9. Visit The Sistine Chapel
10. Grow my hair to my waist
11. Marry a man that is very funny, very smart, and is always nice to me.
12. Read over 100 books in a year
13. Learn to fly a helicopter.
14. Build the best tree house EVER.
15. Teach myself how to bake the best apple pie.
16. See London.
17. Grow a apple tree from a seed
18. Pet a giraffe
19. Take a vacation all by myself & have fun.
20. Learn to speak a second language.

The list goes on to about 115 things. Most of them are things that are (or were) only important to me, and would just be laughed at by others. I'm pretty sure some of you want to tease me about some of the things listed in the top 20... but I'm fairly pleased I've gotten a lot of the things crossed off..... and that there is still time.

Plus I'm looking forward to #103 (but that's between me & the list ..... :)

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