Monday, May 24, 2010

You Can Let Go Now

It's over y'all..... 6 years of non-stop hour long mind fucks... OVER.

I, personally, LOVED the finale. I cried so many times I lost count. Though, the Sun/Jin one hit me the hardest.

Did you get it? Or were you like me for a good 20 min. thinking "WTF were those last 5 min.?!!!!!?"

I get it. The sideways timeline was purgatory.
Purgatory, for those of you unsure of the exact definition, is "the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven."

We watched every last character redeem themselves & let go of their troubles at some point on & off the island.

We even watched Locke forgive Ben. Ben didn't go into the church (wish it wasn't a church, I am not a fan of religious overtones) because he wasn't "done" yet. He still had some stuff to work out before he could pass on.

 The sideways timeline was like the ultimate "do over" for everyone that needed it.

We will NEVER get all the answers to the questions we have, and damn there are A LOT!.. BUT... c'mon... HURLEY was the chosen one? ROCK ON!!

There is no way, without an entire season of "here is why this happened that one time" hour long episodes airing twice a week for 6 months, we will get those answers. Most of us knew that as the end approached. I knew it and just decided to go with it. I stopped caring that I'd never know what was up with that odd picture frame switching from wood to metal in a Miles centric episode.... I gave up hopes of understanding what/who exactly Jacob & MIB were ..... I no longer wondered how or why the Dharma Initiative came there in the first place....I no longer give a damn who was saying "help me" in Jacob's cabin...the list goes on & on..... I just wanted to see the characters I loved get a proper send off....& I got it. 

So... that's it, it's over... no more hours spent laughing at almost every line Hurley utters; no more staring at shirtless Sayid; no more hating Kate; no more making fun of Claire; no more wishing I could nibble on Miles' lips (ok, that's a lie... I'll still wish that one for a while), no more cringing at the creepiness of Benjamin Linus (seriously though, Michael Emerson freakin' rules); no more LOST..... it's over.
The End.


  1. I sacked it off at the end of series one. So if this is how it ended what happened in between?

  2. I was sad that the alt time line wasn't real. I had thought going into the finale someone, Jacob or new protector, used their powers to undo and make better the lives of the Losties in the alt timeline (reversed time). Kind of a make-up for all the meddling and pure hell they went through to be a "candidate". I knew that wasn't happening after they made it off the island in the plane. I think my ending is better:) I honestly didn't have any unanswered questions going into the finale. (well besides the whole freaky peeping tom light house) I loved Ben's face when Hurley asked him to be #2. Poor guy still looking for acceptance due to his f'ed up dad. I guess I didn't technically see it as purgatory. But, I guess if their souls were waiting around to be reunited I guess it could be seen as that.