Monday, May 17, 2010

A Reason To Look Back And Laugh

This incredible moment in time occurred just this evening ... and it was so unbelievable that I had to write it up for posterity....

When: Sunday May 16th
Where: Wendy Mae's house
Why: Girl's Night
 The Cast: Gillian, Wendy Mae, & Leandra 
(Caitlin was there too, but she left before the following conversation happened...)

Leandra: You know who died today?

Gillian: Who?

Leandra: Ronnie James Dio.

Gillian: No way! Bummer. 

Wendy Mae: Who?

Leandra & Gillian *together*: RONNIE JAMES DIO

Wendy Mae: Who was that?

Gillian: Lead singer of the band Dio. Heavy Metal band in the 80's.... Tenacious D were big fans. ...(I giggle.)

*Leandra begins to sing Dio... I can't remember which song. I was aching to tell Wendy Mae why Ronnie James Dio is so awesome; tell her how he replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath when Ozzy left... but I didn't think she'd care about any of it. Instead I realize A LOT of people have died this week... and I say so....*
Gillian: Man, A LOT of people have died this week.

Wendy Mae: Brett Michaels.

Gillian: Brett Michaels died? No shit?

Wendy Mae: NO, but I heard he's going on tour.

(*Wendy Mae was right, I died a little on the inside knowing that...*)

Gillian: Lena Horne died this week too.

Leandra: Yeah, that's right.

Gillian: Sad about that one, I dug her.

(*I get up to go to the bathroom at this point and Wendy Mae's following words stop me dead in my tracks*)

Wendy Mae: What killed her? Drugs?

Gillian: Drugs? What? I don't think so... not really her style.

*Leandra is snickering at this point, while I stand in the doorway to the bathroom looking at Wendy Mae like she's gone crazy.*

Wendy Mae: Oh come on, they all did drugs!

Gillian: I highly doubt Lena Horne was a drug addict... wait... "they all" who?

Wendy Mae: All those bands in the 80's... you know they did massive amounts of drugs!

Gillian: (now I'm laughing hard...) WENDY! LENA HORNE!! NOT LITA FORD!!

Wendy Mae: OH!! Right!

*then I close the bathroom door while reciting: "went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid, I got in a fight...uh huh.. it ain't no big thing...."*

*... and scene! *


with some more awesome thrown in for good measure....

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